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The Multimedia Archive

This section includes some of the multimedia collections that can be used in the classroom. In order to view these images you need a browser that is capable of handling graphics (e.g. Explorer, Netscape, etc.).

Art & Life in Africa
Art and Life in Africa Online contains information about African Art and Culture. All of the material on this site has been adapted from similar material developed for the Art and Life in Africa CD-ROM being produced at The University of Iowa. Links to further resources on the web have been added where appropriate.

African Maps (Ali Dinar)
This is a list of maps provided by the US Central Intelligence Agency - Pulbic Office, for all African countries.

African Flags (Ali Dinar)
This section includes flags of numerous African countries.

African Music:
The site features Quicktime movies demonstrating how to play West African drums synchronized with animated bars of written music. It also contains a general history of the Anlo-Ewe people of Ghana and a short paper on the funtction of music at funerals in Eweland.

Audio-Visual Resources (Ali Dinar)
This menu includes information on audio-visual resources (e.g., videos, films, audio cassettes, and CD-ROMs) on Africa for use in the classroom. It also includes multimedia resources on Africa at other research institutions in the USA.

Maps and Satellite Images (Ali Dinar)
General maps and satellite images of weather in Africa, including maps for all African countries provided by the Public Office, of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

Images from Horn of Africa (Ali Dinar)
Images include dress and adornment in the Horn of Africa.

Wildlife (Ali Dinar)
These are pictures of African wildlife such as lemurs, elephants, zebras, gorillas, rhinocerous, etc.

Images from Ethiopia (Ali Dinar)
Images of famous Ethiopian monuments, natural habitats, and pictures of daily life.

Images from Egypt (Ali Dinar)
An extensive collection of Egyptian scenery, archaeological sites, antiquities, and Pharaohnic imagery.

Smithsonian Institution Collection (Ali Dinar)
The Smithsonian Institution has a large collection of African material in its exhibit, the samples in this section includes images of African wildlife, antiquities, popular art, etc.

Vatican Library Collection (Ali Dinar)
The "Vatican & the Orient" collection of Eastern material includes biblical texts written in Ethiopic, Arabic, Coptic and Bohairic languages.

African Face Masks (Ali Dinar)
This is a collection of black & white clip art depicting African face masks.

Miscellaneous Images (Ali Dinar)
Miscellaneous images of postcards, banknotes, religious sites, etc.

Sukuma Museum of Tanzania (Mark H.C. Bessire)
The Sukuma people of Tanzania live in an area called Usukuma which is located to the west and south of Lake Victoria. This web site provides series of articles and pictures that documents different issues of Sukuma culture.

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