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The African Studies website has a variety of information for teachers of grades K-12. These resources are kept up-to-date in order to provide general and in-depth information about Africa. Below are some of the available materials that are relevant to K-12.

K-12 African Studies (Ali Dinar)
These resources are suitable for K-12 teaching about Africa, and include African curriculum materials, sample lesson plans, library resources, film reviews, model lessons, African history, African languages, teaching resources about Africa, and Africa in the Diaspora.

Africa: It's Not a Country Lesson Plans for Teaching About Africa in the Early Elementary Grades

African & African American Studies
Information on Teaching African and African American History.Managed by the African & African American Studies Department, the School District of Philadelphia, USA. The Department serves public, private, and parochial schools; administrative offices; and local community organizations (parent groups, universities, museums, newspapers, communication media, etc.).

African Odyssey Interactive
The African Odyssey Interactive (AOI) site is aimed towards promoting the interactive exchange of ideas,information, and resources between artists, teachers, and students of African art and culture.

African Festivals in American Schools
African Festivals in American Schools has evolved out of Arthur Hall's years of experience (and discipline and technique) in transposing these traditional concepts to the concert stage and the classroom. The sense of community comes from meaningful dances, appropriate for each student's age and ability, adapted to express the reality that the school is, in fact, a coherent community, albeit one which perhaps never before experienced itself as an African village.

Ask Eric: Lesson Plans
A searchable database for lesson plans, (try "Africa").

How Big is Africa?
Resources produced by the Outreach Program at Boston University includes a full-color poster of the map of Africa and a detailed curriculum guide.

K-16 Educational Resources (U of Wisconsin-Madison)
These resources include internet links that are geared toward K-16 students and teachers interested in bringing Africa into their classes and studies. Some of the materials, however, will be of interest to the general public as well.

K-12 Schools in Africa
This include a list of K-12 Schools in some African countries, and internet links with some schools.

K-12: South Africa
The South African School Directory is the Internet guide to all K-12 schools, providing information and communication for teachers, students, parents, local communities and families planning a move.

African Folk Tales And Mayan Myth
Inculdes curriculum unit for teaching African myths, legends, and Mayan myths, legends and folktales.

Sunjata: West African Epic
This resource page includes the West African epic of Sunjata, designed for 7th grade curriculum. This is part of a larger comparative epic heroes resource page at the office of International and Area Studies at Berkeley, which includes the Center for African Studies.

Zimbabwe Education Outreach Project
This documentary tells the stories of six teenage students who won a merit/need-based scholarship that allows them to finish their secondary education in a government boarding school in Zimbabwe. The scholarship was originally named for Zimbabwe's late first lady, Sally Mugabe. It is sponsored by Students for Students International and is supported in Zimbabwe by the Child Survival and Development Foundation.

Africa in the Classroom
A collection of on-line resources

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