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The Emergencies Unit for Ethiopia, a project of the United Nations Development Programme, is responsible for monitoring relief needs and providing humanitarian support services to the Resident Co-ordinator and specialist UN agencies.
This field guide aims to facilitate plant identification and enable field workers to make comparisons across different areas in Ethiopia where people may have different eating habits and knowledge of wild-food plants.
1995-1996 documents of African economy and telematics provided by the United Nations Economic Commission on Africa
The Hornet, based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, is a free computer networking service established in early 1994 to promote the exchange of information in and on the Horn of Africa using electronic communications. Services available using FIDOnet technology include file transfer, electronic conferencing, mailing lists, databases and personal messaging.
These documents were related to the activities of the Pan African Development Information System (PADIS) which was a co-operative regional development information system created in January 1980 under the aegis of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) in Addis, Ababa, Ethiopia. PADIS is now replaced by UNECA: Development Information Services Division (DISD)

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