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Barnes, Sandra

Cultural Anthropology, Sub-Saharan Africa; Political Anthropology; Religion; Historical Anthropology

Monge, Janet

Physical Anthropology of Swahili People, Neanderthals, Paleoanthroplogy, Skeletal Biology

Schurr, Theodore

Biological History of, and Complex Diseases in African Populations

Shipley, Jesse

Performance, popular culture, music, and film in Ghana and recent African Diasporas.

Ngwane, Zolani

AIDS Prevention in South Africa, Intergenerational Politics of South Africa, Post-Apartheid Politics and Education

Schuetze, Christy

Anthropology of Africa; anthropology of religion; medical anthropology; globalization; anthropology of development; health and society; Pentecostal-Charismatic Christianity; environmental anthropology; post-colonial economics and gender; state and traditional relations in governance




Okekke, Iruku N.

Pathogenicity, Epidemiology and Antibiotic resistance of Intestinal E. coli


Moehler, Devra

Political communication, development, comparative politics; African politics; political behavior; democratization







  Friedler, Sharon

  Dance composition, history and theory of dance (with special interests in cross-cultural study, gender, and dance as a social change agent), modern dance technique, and traditional dances of Ghana.






Ball, Richard J.

Political Economy of Africa

Golub, Stephen

Economics, African International Competitiveness in Manufacturing, International Financing and Trade

O'Connell, Stephen A.

Political Economy of Development and Foreign Aid, Sub-Saharan Africa, Macroeconomic Policy in Developing Countries, International Macroeconomics






Lesnick, Alice

Collaboration and collaborative learning, moral education, and gender and schooling

Wagner, Daniel

Cross-Cultural Studies of Cognition and Socialization, Education in Developing Countries






Everbach, Carr

Environmental Engineering, Women's Studies, Public Policy, Mechanisms by Which Ultrasound Interacts With Biological Systems






Barnard, Rita

South African Literature, Post-Colonial African Literature

Beard, Linda-Susan

African-American, South African, and Post-Colonial Literatures, Women’s Studies, Spirituality

Benston, Kimberly

African-American Literature, African-American Photography After WWII

Jaji, Tsitsi Ella

Transnational black cultural relations and exchanges, the relationship between music and literature, theorizations of listening, and Africana expressions of feminism



Environmental Studies

Giegengack, Robert






Ben-Amos, Dan

Folklore/African Folklore Specializations, Edo (Benin)






Babou, Cheikh

Colonial West Africa, Islam in Africa, History of Mourides

Cassanelli, Lee

Social History, Ecology and Oral Traditions of east and Northeast Africa, The Horn of Africa (Ethiopia and Somalia from the 18th to 20th Century

Feierman, Steven

East Africa: health and medecine, cultural history

Troutt-Powell, Eve

North Africa: Middle Eastern history

Gallup-Diaz Ignacio

Forced Migrations of Africans, Early Modern Atlantic World, Evolution of Complex Societies in the Americas.

Ngalamulume, Kalala

Medical and Social History of Senegal in the 19th and 20th Centuries

Jefferson, Paul C.

African-American Intellectual History: Du Bois, Haynes, Johnson and Frazier

Burke, Timothy J

Southern Africa, African Diaspora, Afro-Caribbean History, Comparative History of Colonialism, Family, Gender and Sexuality

Dorsey, Allison

African-American History, Feminism





 History and Sociology of Science


Feierman, Steven

East Africa: health and medecine, cultural history

Kuklick, Henricka

Applied Social Sciences in Africa, Race and Culture



 Languages, African


Hailu, Yohannes

Amharic Language Instructor

Mwaya, Monda

Chichewa  Language Instructor

Nwadiora, Chika

Igbo Language Instructor

Mshomba, Elaine

Kiswahili Language Instructor

Bolger, Beatrice

Kiswahili Language Instructor

Winterton, Matthew

Malagasy Language Instructor

Taraore, Ibrahima

Maninke Language Instructor

Dinar, Ali

Sudanese Arabic Language Instructor

Zemichael, Ermias

Tigrinya Language Instructor, African Religions and Philosophy

Ofosu-Donkoh, Kobina

Twi Language Instructor, African Religions and Philosophy

Thioune, Mbacke

Wolof Language Instructor

Awoyale, Yiwola

Yoruba Language Instructor

Mbeje, Audrey

Zulu Language Instructor, African Languages and Culture, African Languages Director,





Burke-White, William

International Law, International Relations, Post-Conflict Reconstruction

Mayer, Ann






Liberman, Mark

Phonetic Evidence for Linguistic Structure, Phonology and Phonetics of Lexical Tone in West African languages, Application of Linguistics in Speech Recognition and Synthesis




 Medicine, School of


Silberberg, Donald

Clinical Neuro-Sciences in the Developing World, Child Health and Development in Developing Countries




 Music and Dance


Muller, Carol Ann

World Music and Culture, Ethnomusicology, South Africa

Arrow, Kim David

African-American Dance/Drum Ensemble

Friedler, Sharon

Traditions and Contemporary Dances of Ghana, Dance, Gender and Culture, Choreography






Sharkey, Heather

History, Society and Culture of North Africa, Historical Reflections of religion in North Africa

Silverman, David

Translations of Old and Middle Egyptian Funerary Inscriptions, Art and Writing in Ancient Egypt

Wegner, Josef W

Egyptian Mortuary Complex and Middle Kingdom Settlement Patterns in South Abydos, Egyptian Culture and Archaeology






Gennaro, Susan

Conceptual Models of How Stress Influences Health. Health Promotion and Childbearing in Africa






Miller, Jerry

Ethics, Post structuralism and Philosophy of Race, 20th Century Continental Philosophy




 Political Science


Allen, Michael

Political Economy of South Africa, International Political Economy, Africana Studies

Glickman, Harvey

African Politics, , International Politics, Ethnopolitical Conflict in Africa, Islamism in sub-Saharan Africa. U.S. response to Islamic Extremism

Mortimer, Robert A

African Politics, West Africa , State Systems and International Politics

Ross, Marc Howard

The Role of Culture in Ethnic Conflict and its Management, The Politics of Memory in Post-Apartheid South Africa.

Wing, Susanna

Comparative Politics, Women and Politics, Development Studies and Human Rights

Hopkins, Raymond F.

Food and Agricultural Policy, Foreign Aid, East Africa






Hucks, Tracey E.

Comparative African-American Religion and History, Yoruba Religion, African-Derived Religions in North America and the Caribbean, Gender and Tradition

Chireau, Yvonne

Diversity in African American Religions, Women and Gender in American Religion, The Intersection of Religion and Magic in Black Religious Experience




 Romance Languages


Moudileno, Lydie

Francophone Literature from West and Central Africa, Post-Colonial Identity, African Cinemas, Contemporary Popular Genres

Higginson, Francis

Twentieth Century French and Francophone Literatures, Relationships Between Music and Literature, Francophone African Crime

Anyinefa, Koffi

Francophone Africa and the Diaspora, Literary Images of Africa; Nationalism, Exile and Literature; French and German Colonial Literatures

Rice-Maximin, Micheline

Translation of African and Caribbean Poetry, Caribbean, African and Quebec Literatures in the 70s and Their Role in Hexagonal French Literature

Yervasi, Carina

Modern and Contemporary French and Francophone Literature, West African Francophone Cinema




Sociology and Demography

Fetni, Hocine

Islamic Fundamentalism in the Middle East and North Africa, Political Instability and Laws of Investment in North Africa, Law and Social Change in the Middle east and North Africa - Corporation of Islamic Law

Imoagene, Onoso

Study of African second generation and its' relation to race, , class, culture, and gender in the U.S. and U.K

Kohler, Hans-Peter

Fertility and Related Behaviors in Both Developing and Developed Countries, Social Interactions and AIDS-related Behavior in Africa

Zuberi, Tukufu

African Demography and Sociology, African-American Immigration, Race and Ethnicity Studies, Family and Social Change, Migration, Mortality

Osirim, Mary J

Women in the Third World, Women Entrepreneurs in Africa, Gender and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa, African Political Economy

Washington, Robert E.

The Problems of Modernization in Sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia; Kenyan Activist Churches; "Colorism" in Kenya, Sports and Society

Ghannam, Farha

Contemporary Islamic Practices, Middle East and North Africa (Jordan and Egypt), Anthropology of the Body

Piker, Steven

Anthropology of Religion, Psychological Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, Native Americans and Field Work.

Willie, Sarah Susannah

Racism and Racial identity, Social Inequality, Sociology Through Literature, Sex and Gender, Higher Education, Social Theory

Faculty with Africa Interest



Cheney, Dorothy

Behavior, Communication, and Cognition of Animals

Roos, David

Genetic Analysis of Parasite Biology, Mechanisms of Drug Action and Resistance




Behrman, Jere

Economic Development, Human resources and Poverty, North, East and Southern Africa






Hall, Kathleen

Maamouri, Mohamed

Literacy, North Africa, On-Line Assessment of Reading Process in Arabic Literacy






Sun, Joseph




 Environmental Studies


Giegengack, Robert

Fels Institute for Government
Margolies-Mezvinsky, Marjorie






Abrahams, Roger D.

African-American Folklore, Proverb and Riddle Study, Children’s Folklore, Folklore Theory; and Festival and Ritual.






Mayer, Ann






Olson, Lauris

Social Sciences Bibliography




 Medicine, School of


Alpern, Elizabeth

Childhood Disabilities in Africa, Social Work Utilization in Pediatric Emergency Departments

Bisson, Gregory P

Gluckman, Stephen J.

Harvey, Friedman M.

Mahlet, Tadesse

Ohene-Frempong, Kwaku

Sickle Cell Disease


Rebbeck, Timothy




 Music and Dance


Muller, Carol Ann

World Music and Culture, Ethnomusicology, South Africa

Arrow, Kim David

African-American Dance/Drum Ensemble

Friedler, Sharon

Traditions and Contemporary Dances of Ghana, Dance, Gender and Culture, Choreography






Allen, Roger

Modern Arabic Fiction, Literatures in the Arab world




 Political Science


O'Leary, Brendan

Nationalism, National and Ethnic Conflict-Regulation, Democracy, Democratization and Electoral Systems




 Social Work, School of


Estes, Richard

International and Comparative Social Development, Strategic and Long Term Planning




 Sociology and Demography


Ewbank, Douglas

Child Survival, Mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa


 Urban Studies

Lamas, Andrew




  Veterinary Medicine, School of


Morrison, Adrian

Role of the amygdale in the control of rapid eye movement (REM) onset and its maintenance.






Hoek-Smit, Marja

Housing, Finances and Planning, Eastern and Southern Africa

Kobrin, Stephen J.

International Political Economy; Globalization; Global Strategy, Impact of the Information Revolution

MacMillan, Ian

Organizational Competence, New Venture Management and Entrepreneurship

Pack, Howard

Effects of Foreign Aid on Development Expenditure, Diffusion of Technology in Developing Countries, Role of External Economies in Industrial Development


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