The team would like to acknowledge farmers in the study areas who, after being asked for their experiences, were willing to share their unique knowledge of plant lore during the field research. Without them this study would have been impossible. Special thanks go to Ato Torayito Kussiya, Development Coordinator for Mekane Yesus Church in Konso who was very helpful and spared a lot of his precious time. We are also equally indebted to Ato Korra Gerra of the Konso Woreda Bureau of Agriculture. Ato Asefa Nana of SOS Sahel in Kindo Koyisha Woreda (North Omo Zone) also needs to be thanked for his assistance in guiding the researchers. Finally, government staffs from Kamba, Damot Woyide, Humbo, Bako-Gazer and Hamer-Bena Woredas who happily assisted the team also deserve appreciation.

We would like to specially thank Mrs. Anna Barnett and the Ethiopian Venture Project for their valuable input and additions to this field guide.

We are grateful to Prof. Ensermu Kelbessa and Prof. Sebsebe Demissew of the National Herbarium at Addis Ababa University for the identification and taxonomic classification of the collected species from the different sample sites.

Much appreciation goes to Mr. Jim Borton, Technical Coordinator and Mr. Mark Bidder, Deputy Coordinator of the UN-Emergencies Unit for Ethiopia for their persistent follow-up, their encouraging advice and for editing of parts of the present field guide.

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