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Burundi -- Energy

Over 90% of Burundi's energy requirements are met by the burning of wood, charcoal, or peat. Only 1% of the population has access to electricity, which only accounts for about 1% of energy requirements. Petroleum products account for about 5% of energy requirements. The energy parastatal, Regideso, has managed to maintain a steady energy output despite the recent upheavals. There is a fuel embargo currently in effect. [1]

[1] The Economist Intelligence Unit. 1998-99. Country Profile. Rwanda and Burundi. The Unit: London, pp. 16-18.

Electricitycapacity: 43,000 kW (1995)
Electricityproduction: 158 million kWh (1995) note: imports some electricity from Democratic Republic of the Congo
Electricityconsumption per capita: 32 kWh (1995)

Source: CIA World Fact Book.

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