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Burundi -- Communications
Telephone and Telecommunications

The telephone system has suffered in recent years. Onatel, the government owned telecommunications company, which has a monopoly in Burundi, may be sold to private investors, but no decision has yet been made.[1]

Radio, Television and Film
Radio is the most popular and important media in Burundi. There are three radio stations which are state owned and controlled by the government.

Television is also state controlled and regulated. [1]

Publishing and Press
The press has also suffered from recent ethnic violence. Many newspapers have been banned. The government run Le Renouveau is in a poor state.[1]

[1] The Economist Intelligence Unit. 1998-99. Country Profile. Rwanda and Burundi. The Unit: London.

Telephones: 7,200 (1987 est.)

Telephone system
Poorly developed domestic: sparse system of open wire, radiotelephone communications, and low-capacity microwave radio relay international: satellite earth station1 Intelsat (Indian Ocean)

Radio broadcast stations: AM 2, FM 2, shortwave 0
Radios: NA
Television broadcast stations: 1
Televisions: 4,500 (1993 est.)
Source: CIA World Fact Book

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