New Course: Understanding African Conflicts

Course “Understanding African Conflicts” (AFST 435-610)
Times: Wednesdays: 4:30 – 7:30 PM


                  Instructor:                        Ali B. Dinar, Ph.D.
                        Office:                         334A, 3401 Walnut
                       Phone:                         215-898-6610
             Office Hours:                          Mon, Thurs. 12:30 – 4:30 PM (or by appointment)

Course Description and goals:

The end of colonial rule was the spring board for the start of cold wars in various regions of Africa. Where peace could not be maintained violence erupted. Even where secession has been attained, as in the new country of South Sudan, the threat of civil war lingers. While domestic politics have led to the rise of armed conflicts and civil wars in many African countries, the external factors should also not be ignored. Important in all current conflicts is the concern to international peace and security. Overall this course will: (1) investigate the general nature of armed conflicts in Africa (2) provide in-depth analysis of the underlining factors (3) and discuss the regional and the international responses to these conflicts and their implications. Special emphasis will be placed upon African conflicts and civil wars in: great Lakes area, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, Sudan, Somalia, South Sudan, and Uganda.