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07 July, 1996

African Studies

  • The James S. Coleman African Studies Center at UCLA
  • The Center for African Studies at Berkeley
  • Deptartment of African Languages and Cultures (DALC)
  • The Institute of Asian and African Studies
  • Program of African Studies, Northwestern University
  • African Studies Center at Michigan State University

    Archaeology & Anthropology

  • Archaeology and Ethnoarchaeology of the the Chad Basin
  • BANI
  • Ghana: Ethnoarchaeological Project
  • Mandara Mountains: Archaeological survey and Excavation


  • Ancient Art: Egypt
  • Art and Life in Africa Project


  • Visions of the African Diaspora: A View of African Carribean Cinema
  • African Music Archive
  • African Film Festival

    Country Specific

  • Noureddine Morceli Benin:
  • Electronic Online Databases & Internet Access in Benin Cote-d'Ivoire:
  • Akwaba: Bienvebye en C™te-d'Ivoire
  • C™te d'Ivoire Page Ethiopia:
  • Ethiopian Jewry Egypt:
  • Guardian's Egypt Links
  • Resources for History of Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Egyptian Page Ethiopia:
  • Home Page for Ethiopian
  • GhanaNet Kenya:
  • Bwana Zulia Kenya Guide
  • Kenya - Hakuna Matata (in German)
  • Africa Online Inc. Liberia:
  • Liberia: The Search for Peace Madagascar:
  • Madagascar Contact
  • Lemur sights and sounds Malawi:
  • Village Enterprise Zone Associations Mauritius:
  • Mauritius Island On-line Morocco:
  • Al Akhawayn University Namibia:
  • The Namibian Internet Development Foundation Niger:
  • Friends of Niger Nigeria:
  • A Nigerian Yoruba Naming Ceremony in the Washington DC Area
  • Nigeria Overview (Brown University)
  • Nigerian Information Resources Online
  • World Bank: Nigeria Page Senegal:
  • Senegal Contact Somalia:
  • The Somalia Affair: Websites Somali:
  • Waaberi: Somali Cultural Home Page South Africa:
  • Worldnet South Africa Swaziland:
  • Pipex Internet Swaziland Tunisia:
  • Tunisia
  • Welcome to Tunisia Uganda:
  • Ugaanda: The Monitor W.Sahara
  • OneWorld: Western Sahara Zambia:
  • Discover Zambia
  • Languages of Zambia


  • ELDIS: Africa
  • People's Participation in Ghana - a Post-Project Study of Sustainability
  • Empowering Zambian Rural Women through Small Farmer Groups (John Rouse)
  • Uganda: National Action Programme for Rural Youth (William Seiders)
  • FAO: Sustainable Rural Development in Western Africa: The Naam Movement and the Six 'S' (Takehiko Uemura)
  • FAO: Energy for Sustainable Development and Food Security in Africa
  • Calvert New Africa Fund
  • The Future of EU-Africa Development Cooperation: With or Without the Lomˇ Convention? (Jean Bossuyt)
  • Transportation, Bicycles and Development in Africa (David Mozer)
  • West Africa Rice Development Association
  • IDRC: Social Development Projects - Africa


  • Virtual Library: Central Africa
  • National Forestry Programmes - Africa
  • Irrigation in Africa in Figures
  • Desert Locust Information Service
  • Desertification, Drought and their Consequences (A.P. Koohafkan)
  • Rainfall Variability and Drought in Sub-Saharan Africa (R. Gommes)
  • OCEAN: North West Africa - Monthly Composite Data
  • NGDC: Africa Educational Diskette Project
  • Africa - Water Supply and Sanitation (Gerard Amangoua)

    Food & Agriculture

  • SPAAR Information System (SIS)
  • Country Food Supply Indicators - 1961-1990: Africa
  • FAO/WFP Crop and Food Supply Assessment Mission: Special Reports and Alerts
  • Sahel Weather and Crop Situation
  • Results of National Censuses of Agriculture: Africa
  • FAOSTAT Agriculture Statistics Database
  • Women, Agriculture and Rural Development: Tanzania
  • Funding of Agricultural Research: Traditional Private Sector and Non-Conventional Alternatives (Melvin G. Blase)
  • A Strategy for Agricultural Research in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • FAO: Future Energy Requirements for Africa's Agriculture
  • Food supply situation and crop prospects in sub-saharan Africa
  • Africa - Agri Technologies (Emmanuel Morrison)
  • AIDS and Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa (Martina Haslwimmer)
  • Effect of HIV/AIDS on Agricultural Production Systems in West Africa
  • Small-holder Agricultural Development: East and Southern Africa


  • Listening to History: Africa Life


  • Africa Environment & Wildlife Women:
  • WIDNET: Africa - Afrique


  • African Countries: Health Profiles
  • PANA: Science and Health Bulletin">Societies, environment and health: the case of Africa
  • African Populations and AIDS

    K-12 Resources

  • Africa Access
  • NASA: K-12 Schools- Africa
  • Running the Nile: Online Kayak Expedition
  • African Festivals in American Schools
  • Africa Stories Project
  • Africa South of the Sahara Unit
  • Folk and Fairy Tales from Around the World
  • Ask Eric: Lesson Plans
  • Ask Eirc
  • Aesop's Fables
  • K-12 Schools Internet Registry: South Africa
  • Project Cape Town: Education and Integration in South Africa
  • Abwenzi African Studies


  • Zambian Legal Information Institute
  • FindLaw: Africa
  • Environmental Law in Africa
  • Eritrea: Constitutional Commission


  • Africana Collection Page-


  • African Newspapers Currently Received By American Libraries


  • Africanews
  • OneWorld News Service: Africa


  • African Students Association- U. of Oregon
  • African Students Association- U. of Memphis
  • Pan-African Political and Organizational Information (Art McGee)
  • Who is Who in African Integration: Institutions

    Population Studies

  • Demographic Indicators: 1995 and 2000


  • Internet Journal of African Studies
  • Oxford University Press
  • Kegan Paul: Africa

    Relief Agencies

  • SANGONeT Development Pages
  • EcoNews Africa
  • South Africa Non-Profit Organizations


  • Christian Network Links for Africa
  • Peace and Reconciliation in Africa: Ecumenical Perspectives

    Technology and Networking

  • User's Guide to Electronic Networks in Africa
  • Internetworks in International Development
  • Hardware and Software Suppliers
  • AfricaLink
  • Africa Online Information
  • Facilitating Internetworking in Africa Proposal by The Internet Society
  • Resourcery's African Telecom Links
  • Africa Communications Magazine
  • AT&T Africa One
  • Africa on the line? (Lishan Adam)
  • St. Louis Meeting, 1991
  • Towards National Communication-for-Development Policies in Africa (Silvia Balit)


  • Pangaea Partners
  • Business Opportunities in Africa
  • Canadian Dept. of Trade: African & Middle East
  • JabaTrading: East & South Africa
  • UNCTAD Trade Point Development Centre links to Africa
  • Trade and Environment Database (TED) - Africa Case Issues
  • Trade and Environment Database (TED) - West Africa Case
  • Trade and Environment Database (TED) - East Africa Case
  • Trade and Environment Database (TED) - South Africa Case
  • Trade and Development Policy for Africa
  • U.S. Trade And Development Agency: Africa & Middle East


  • Informatics Centre of the Eduardo Mondlane University- Mozambique
  • University of Asmara
  • Addis Ababa University
  • African Universities: South Africa & Zambia

    Travel & Entertainment

  • AfricaNet: Travel to Africa
  • Journeys - Africa
  • Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, Mombasa
  • Voyagers International: Africa
  • African Adventures
  • Our Africa


  • Domestic Animal Diversity Information System: Africa
  • The Indigenous Domestic Animal Genetic Resources of Uganda (F.M.B. Mbuza)
  • Lemur sights and sounds
  • Domestic Animal Diversity Information System (DAD-IS)
  • FAOSTAT Agriculture Statistics Database
  • S. African African Wildlife

    Women Issues

  • WIDNET: Africa
  • WIDNET - Statistics: Africa
  • AfricaW Archives

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