Welcome to the African Language Program of the African Studies Center at the University of Pennsylvania. The main goal of the program is to provide courses in African languages and cultures to undergraduate and graduate students at Penn and the consortium colleges of Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore, as well as for other neighboring colleges and universities.
African language courses are offered from elementary through advanced levels, and they are taught by native speakers who are trained in communicative language teaching.

African languages can be used to fulfill a language requirement and to complete an undergraduate minor or major in African Studies. African language study can also prepare students for research in Africa, and for Study Abroad programs in Ghana, Senegal, and Kenya. Students of Yoruba, Swahili and Zulu can also participate in a federally-funded Group Project Abroad in Nigeria, Tanzania, or South Africa to further enhance their language competency in a country where that language is widely spoken.

For more information about African Languages at Penn please e-mail the Language Coordinator,
Dr. Audrey N Mbeje , or call: (215) 898-4299
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