About the Madagascar Lemur Series

From: zsh@AlbertoVO5.NoSubdomain.NoDomain (Ziad S. Haddad) Organization: Jet Propulsion Laboratory Date: Thu, 7 Jul 1994 02:26:24 GMT

These images illustrate the short stories "babacoot", "highlands", and "attack", posted to alt.fan.lemurs. The author of the winning caption will receive a 1:600-scale model of Air Madagascar's Boeing 747. Post submissions to alt.fan.lemurs .

ATTACK.GIF Subject: attack2.gif (Lemur attacks human) At Ihosy, on the way to the Ishaal: me and my attacker.

BABACOOT1.GIF Subject: babacoot1.gif (indri lemur) Babacoot ("Indri" lemur) indignantly trying to see who the @!#$%? is shaking his tree.

BABACOOT2.GIF Subject: babacoot2.gif (indri lemur) Babacoot about to do his "toilette".

BUGS.GIF Subject: bugs.gif Bugs at Tsimbazaza: the bigger one is about the size of my forearm (no, I am not a midget).

HIGHLANDS1.GIF Subject: highlands1.gif (Madagascar) Countryside in the Malagasy central highlands.

HIGHLANDS2.GIF Subject: highlands2.gif (Madagascar) The road to Ranomafana, Madagascar.

HIGHLANDS3.GIF Subject: highlands3.gif (Mouse lemur) 3 banana slices and a mouse lemur: yes, folks, for this I traveled half- way around the world, battled giant bugs and swarms of leeches, and even spent one night at the Grand Hotel in Ambositra ... But isn't that beautiful big startled eye worth it?

ISALO.GIF Subject: attack1.gif (Madagascar) Palms in the Ishaal range in South Central Madagascar.