Sukhr Arabic Windows Software

Sukhr Arabic Windows Software

From: (Tony Zaki) Newsgroups: soc.culture.arabic Subject: Re: Arabic Software Date: 3 Dec 1993 19:12:22 GMT

I read an AD in the arabic newspaper :"Al-hayat" regarding "Sukhr Munassiq al-kalimat" version 2 from al-Alamiah. The program is called Sukhr Arabic Windows... or: "Al manafith al arabiiah." It includes SO many things, [some could be bought SEPERATELY..]. Items include:

* "Al Ustaz" [the teacher].. Scalable fonts, Automatic tables.. cut&paste Spellchecker! Dictionary !!! Multilanguage :"ARABIC, ENG, FRENCH" Plus MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE... * "Al Quraan AL KAREEM" * "AL-Muharrir" [the editor] Combines more fonts, all kinds of punctuation handeling for best printable results.... * "Fahrasah " [INDEXING].. Can do indexing, TABLE of Contents, .. EVERYHING !!! * "Manahij taaleemiiah" [Academic Courses] in anything from MATH, CHEMISTRY, BIOLOGY, Natural Sciences, Physics, ETC... * "Baread electrony" [E-Mail in ARABIC].. Full featured... BEST ARABIC EMAIL !!

Supports other programs such as : EXCEL 4 [Win] [Newest Versions] Amipro [Win] [Newest Versions] Quatro Pro [Win] ["] Lotus 123 [WIN, DOS] ["]

Has about 50 different TRUE TYPE SCALABLE FONTS eg: Farisi, Aldaywan, AL-Ajazah, etc.... Great looking, supports all OLD ARABIC writings!!!

There's only one dealer in the US. in Washington DC named "DIGITEK" (703-883-0134). Here are the other dealers.... (these are typed as they sound in Arabic). ________________________________________________________________________ Country Dealer's name Phone

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ Saudi Arabia (Riyad) al-Alamiah 4770106 " (Jadda) al-Alamiah 6672201 " (khabar) al-Alamiah 8953892 Emarat al-yousif 224261 Bahrayn computer world 293493 Qatar arabic computer co. 428555 Amman "GENTECO" 704457 el-Yaman al-yamanyiah Lilhasibat 208811-4 Kwait al-Alamiah 2414140 Syria arabic computer center 246282 Jordan jordanian computer center 679616 Egypt (2 dealers) bisko electronics 3556543 egyptian computers 3608801 Lybia general computers co. 2144544 Tonesia computers & programs ! 289809 Algeria (2 dealers) asneen! (not sure) 567740 national comp. equipment 751201 Moroco (2 dealers) Ibkuam !(Al-rabat) 733343 Olifaris ! (Kenjah) 935611 Japan (Tokyo) al-Alamiah 814366845 France (Paris) CSC 142052305 USA (Washington DC) DIGITEK (703) 671-9354 Moritania Future electronics 252553 Malaisia dar al-fiqur 2913892


-- Tony Zaki (617) 964 7963

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