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Linguistic OEM Products

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From: jbowyer@cis.vutbr.cs (Bowyer Jeff) Subject: Product Offering Date: 13 Jul 93 17:26:56 GMT

In yesterday's post, I received literature from Circle Noetic Services. They offer several very interesting linguistic OEM products, which I will just list here:

_Dashes_ a hyphenation package for several languages

_PassWord_ spelling checker for several languages

Word Lists ASCII word lists for several languages

_IOW_ English lexical database and expert system

_WordFan_ natural language processing toolbox

I scanned the flyers for these products, and the resulting compressed TIFF files are available from our anonymous ftp server:

Site: Directory: pub/lists/insoft-l/doc/products/circle Files: dashes.tif password.tif wordlists.tif iow.tif wordfan.tif

If you cannot use our anonymous ftp server, please send any questions to me, and I will try to answer them from the flyers.

Otherwise, you can contact the producer: Circle Noetic Services 5 Pine Knoll Drive Mont Vernon, New Hampshire 03057 USA Telephone: (603) 672-6151

Jeff INSOFT-L List Manager

*======================================================================* Jeff Bowyer EMail: Computing Center Technical University of Brno Udolni 19, 602 00 BRNO Czech Republic


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