Islamic Timer Software

Islamic Timer Software

ISLAMIC TIMER ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ From Fri Apr 2 02:24:44 1993 Posted-Date: 7 Jan 1993 23:44:49 GMT Received-Date: Fri, 2 Apr 93 02:24:42 EST Received: by (4.1/SMI-4.0) id AA02003; Thu, 1 Apr 93 23:23:57 PST Path: utcsri!rpi!!!!agate!usenet From: (Waleed A Muhanna) Newsgroups: comp.archives Subject: [soc.culture.arabic] Announcing IslamicTimer (Release 2.0) Followup-To: soc.religion.islam Date: 7 Jan 1993 23:44:49 GMT Organization: The Ohio State University Archive-name: auto/soc.culture.arabic /Announcing-IslamicTimer-Release2-0

Release 2.0 of the IslamicTimer software package is now available via anonymous ftp from (IP address: The distribution is in a compressed shar (shell archive) file named "/pub/IslamicTimer-2.0.shar.Z". The new release includes a couple of very minor fixes and a new program, called PREMIND, which provides prayers time reminder/notification service on UNIX platforms.

In addition to PREMIND, IslamicTimer includes programs for generating Islamic (Hijri) Calendars, translating Gregorian/Julian dates to/from dates in the Islamic Calendar, computing prayer time schedules, and for determining the direction of the Qiblah.

The software should be fairly portable and it should run on any UNIX system. If you have to make any changes to files other than the Makefiles to make these programs work on your machine/compiler, please contact me and tell me where I goofed.

All the programs are Copyrighted. Permission for nonprofit use and redistribution of the software and its documentation is granted without fee. Please send your comments, suggestions, fixes, and additions to me:

Waleed A. Muhanna P.O. Box 151048 Columbus, OH 43215

Large sums of money can also be sent to me, although at this time I'd suggest you send your donations to a Relief Fund for the people suffering in Somalia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, and Palestine, and/or to your favorite charity.


Waleed Muhanna Tuesday 5 Rajab 1413 A.H. December 29, 1992

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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