Hypercard Stack for Learning Arabic Language

Hypercard Stack for Learning Arabic Language

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Mehdi Alosh at Ohio State has developed a hypercard program for learning Modern Standard Arabic. The whole thing is about 20 K and is still being beta tested. Ohio state was selling it at $100 a year ago. That price may have been only for our department.

I have two email addresses for him:

There are other programs out there, such as D. Parkinson's and one developed at UMass (I think), but these are prohibitively expensive.

-- Alan Godlas University of Georgia

From: (Abdulkader Khattab) Newsgroups: soc.culture.arabic Subject: Re: Learning Arabic hypercard stack? Date: 26 Jan 1994 15:39:11 GMT Organization: Queen Mary College Message-ID:

In article <>, (philosopher) wrote:

> Last week, someone posted the FTP address of a place where there > was a Hypercard stack for learning Arabic. Could someone please re- post > the address? Thankyou.

> > Peace,

> > Dana

There is a hypercard stack which I have developed to teach people reading the first Sura (chapter) of the Quran in Arabic. The stack will display the Arabic text and read it for you. You can even hear each sentence word by word.

You can ftp it by anonymous ftp from university of Michigan Mac archive (or any mirror of it).

MAC.ARCHIVE.UMICH.EDU [ or] in the directory


You can use the stack with English System software and you need Hypercard version 2.x

Good luck, Abdulkader

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