GeezPro For Windows

GeezPro For Windows

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GeezPro For Windows

=================== GeezPro For Windows is a very affordable wordprocessor that produces documents with sophisticated formats in Geez, English and Arabic languages. It is fully Windows compliant (3.1 and later versions) which means it has all the easy-to- use features of the Windows environment - inlcuding pasting Geez or Arabic text in other Windows applications. For example, you can have a spreadsheet with rows, columns and comment fields specified in Geez or Arabic languages.

Given its $75 price and its rich features, it is the best value for the money. For more info, call TFanus Enterprises at 408-481-0720.

TFanus Enterprises 1009 E. Duane Avenue, Suite #4 Sunnyvale, CA. 94086 Phone/Fax: 408-481-0720.

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