Ethiopic Wordprocessing by GohaTibeb

Ethiopic Wordprocessing by GohaTibeb

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GohaTibeb Associates P.O.Box 5383 Washington, DC 20009 Tel.: (202) 234-9267

I. Hardware Configuration

========================== IBM-PC (or compatible) WordPerfect 5.1 (DOS) EGA or VGA display HP LaserJet Series II (or compatible) printer

(If you do not have a laser printer, GohaTibeb can suggest additional software that will allow you to print (slowly) on most dot-matrix printers.)

II. Back-Up Copies

=================== Before you get started, make a back-up copy of the following WP51 files if they already exist in your WordPerfect 5.1 directory. (I am assuming you have already installed WP51.)


Because GOHA11.EXE will replace these original files with it's own (Ethiopic) version, you will need the back-up copies if you ever want to return to the original WP51 default setting. Having these back-up copies will make the process faster. Of course, if you have any problems, you can always re-install the whole WP51.

III. Loading and Running GOHA11.EXE

==================================== To get started, simply copy GOHA11.EXE into your WordPerfect directory and run it. I will assume your WordPerfect directory is C:\WP51, but it doesn't have to be. I have used C:\WP51 because it is the Basic Setup in the WordPerfect installation procedure. If your WordPerfect directory is different, you can still load GOHA11.EXE wherever your WP51 programs are and run it from there; but, you will need to make changes in the WordPerfect SETUP command Shift-F1. (See section VI. "Adjusting WordPerfect's Default Settings." Also, consult your DOS manual if you need more help on setting up your directory.)

As GOHA11.EXE runs it will ask you whether to replace some of the original files in your directory. Press Y for yes. After running GOHA11.EXE, reset your computer and start WordPerfect again. Press ALt-E (hold down the Alt key and hit the "E" key) to load up the Ethiopic font. The Ethiopic characters should now come up on your screen when you type. If they don't, you may not have your WordPerfect default settings adjusted properly. (See section VI. "Adjusting WordPerfect's Default Settings.")

IV. The Ethiopic Keyboard Layout

================================= The Ethiopic keyboard layout for WordPerfect is matched, as much as possible, to the English (US) layout. A picture of the Ethiopic layout is included on this disk (LAYOUT.DOC) showing all the ge'z and sadis ("home- key") positions. LAYOUT.DOC also contains information in Amharic on how to access all of the other characters in the matrix (kaib, salis, rabi, hamis, sabi, and lwa-mwa). If your installation of GOHA11.EXE has worked, you should be able to view, as well as print, all of these characters.

V. Using WordPerfect Commands

============================== Many WordPerfect commands (such as "list" "save," and "print") will not work while you are using the Ethiopic keyboard. This is because letters or numbers which are used to make WordPerfect command choices (such as A, B, C. . . , Y/N or 1, 2, 3, etc.) have been re-mapped for Ethiopic. Therefore, before issuing any of those commands you will need to switch back to the original (US) keyboard. To do this push Ctrl-6 (hold down the Ctrl key and press the "6" key). This will reset your keyboard back to English so you can send the commands. To get back to the Ethiopic keyboard press Alt-E.

If you have a recent version of WordPerfect (since June 1991) Ctrl-66 will return you to the Ethiopic keyboard. It's a bit faster.

(If you use WordPerfect with a mouse, of course, this problem does not exist at all.)

In any case, if a command does not seem to work, always check the keyboard first (Ctrl-6) to be sure you are in the English mode.

VI. Adjusting WordPerfect's Default Settings

============================================= If your WordPerfect files are not located in C:\WP51 (or your installation of GOHA.EXE just does not seem to work properly), check the SETUP command in WordPerfect to adjust the default settings. Most of the following instructions should be performed automatically by GOHA.EXE. However, they can also be done manually.

a. Press Ctrl-6 to get back to the English keyboard. Then, set up the appropriate location of your files using the following SETUP commands:

Shift-F1 Turn the setup command on 6 Select the location of files 2 Select location of keyboard/macro files 4 Select location of printer files F7 Exit back to the editing screen

Set the location of your keyboard/macros (2) and your printer files (4) to C:\WP51 (or wherever you have installed WP51).

b. Then select the proper display for showing the Ethiopic screen font:

Shift-F1 Turn the setup command on 2 Select the display 1 Select colors/fonts/attributes 5 Select 512 characters (and colors, etc.) F7 Exit back to the editing screen

c. Then select to use the Ethiopic keyboard layout (what the Alt-E macro should do):

Shift-F1 Turn the setup command on 5 Select the keyboard layout Use arrow keys Highlight Etiopic1 Select Etiopic1 F7 Exit back to the editing screen

d. If your WP51 directory is not C:\WP51 you will need to make one more adjustment before you can print using the Ethiopic font. You will need to set up the appropriate location of your printer fonts:

Shift-F7 Turn the print command on S Select printer Use arrow keys Highlight LaserJet Series II (Ethiopic) E Select to edit printer 6 Select path for downloadable fonts, etc. F7, F7, F7 Exit back to the editing screen


======== One LaserJet Series II printer font is supplied with GOHA11.EXE. Though it comes in both portait and landscape modes, the font is still crude and intended only for draft purposes. It may not be suitable even for that; but, it will give users a sense of the printing capabilities. The font is, nominally, a 10 point font. GohaTibeb Associates hopes to produce high quality fonts for GOHA 1.1 in the future, and also invites anyone interested (especially graphic artistis) to participate.

VII. The GOHA11.EXE Files

========================== GOHA11.EXE is a self-extracting program constructed using PKWARE's PKZ101 compression software. GOHA11.EXE contains the following files:

File Description

---- ----------- ALTE.WPM Macro for Turning Ethiopic On EGA512.CHM EGA Screen Fonts EGA512.FRS EGA Screen Fonts ET100RPN.SFP Printer Font (portrait) ET100RPN.SFL Printer Font (landscape) ETIOPIC1.WPK Ethiopic Keyboard Layout HPLSIIET.PRS Printer Driver for HP LJ II LAYOUT.DOC Keyboard Layout for Ethiopic VGA512.CHM VGA Screen Fonts VGA512.FRS VGA Screen Fonts WP{WP}.SET WordPerfect Initial Setup

In addition, the following files are provided along with GOHA11.EXE:

README.1ST Preliminary Instructions REGISTER.FRM Shareware Agreement and Info. for Registering your Program


VIII. Future Developments

========================== Improved installation process High quality fonts Complete set of Ethiopic characters

(further in the future. . .) WordPerfect 5.2 Windows


The files on this disk are supplied to you free of charge. If you find our product useful, we encourage you to get a registered copy as soon as possible. The registered copy will provide you with the latest update, a manual, and limited technical support. In addition, you will be elligble for discounts on all of our future products, a free subscription to our newsletter, and membership in our Users Group. To register, please contact:

GohaTibeb Associates P.O.Box 5383 Washington, DC 20009 Tel.: (202) 234-9267

The dates on all files in GOHA.ZIP should be 1993. If you have any doubts about the integrity of the files you have received you may order the TEST-DRIVE files directly from the above address.

If you know others who may be interested in this program, please feel free to make copies of GOHA.ZIP and pass it on. When you do so, however, you must: a) do it free of charge b) include all of the files in GOHA.ZIP unaltered (including this REGISTER.FORM file)

Please become a registered user of this product as soon as you can! If you have any questions, comments, complaints or compliments, please let us know.

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