Ethiopic Software by Dashen

Ethiopic Software by Dashen

Date: Sat, 26 Feb 94 07:19:42 PST Reply-To: Subject: ETHIOPIC SOFTWARE BY DASHEN ENGINEERING

A complete package should include the following: 1. One Program Disk 2. One Utility Disk withSample Files 3. Three Font Disks (1 For DOT MATRIX) 4. One Hardware Actuator 5. One English Manual 6. One Keyboard Conversion Kit 7. One Quick Reference Card 8. One Registration Card

A piece of hardware that needs to be attached on the printer, comes between the printer and the chord that connects the printer and the computer. You cannot istall or run your Ethiopic without the HARDWARE ACTUATOR.

Contact: Dashen Enginnering Company at: 39120 Argonaut Way, Suite 161 Fremont, CA 94538 Telex 7101114523, Fax 408-374-3240 Tel. 408-374-7477.

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