Arabic Software That Teaches & Speaks Arabic

Arabic Software That Teaches & Speaks Arabic

1. The Arabic Tutor(TM):

The Arabic Tutor is an Arabic teaching software for MS Windows 3.1x or later. It starts from the alphabets, covers pronunciation, reading and writing Arabic, simple sntences, basic grammar and sample text - all with point and click sound. Also included are game-like quizzes for practice. You can record your own and compare it any time. The software comes with a userguide and a workbook. Users can join a free on-line Arabic class on the WWW.

System requirements: PC running Win 3.1x, NT 3.51x or 95. 15 MB HD, sound cards, mouse, VGA or better and 3.5" drive Both 16- and 32-bit available. Program now in version 2.0x

For more: see the author's homepage at:

2. Easy Arabic:

Now in version 1.02, Easy Arabic is a sub-program of The Arabic Tutor with slightly different presentation of the first 10 lessons. Focuses mainly on the alphabets. Users can also join the WWW Arabic class. Requires 3 MB HD, sound card, VGA, mouse and 3.5" drive. Only 16-bit, runs under MS Win 3.1x or 95. More info at the above site:

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