Arabic E-Mail Editor/Viewer

Arabic E-Mail Editor/Viewer

ARABIC EMAIL EDITOR/VIEWER ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

From: (Moghadam) Newsgroups: soc.culture.arabic Message-ID: <> Date: 8 Jul 93 09:38:12 GMT Sender: Reply-To: Organization: Optimate Ltd London U.K.

We are currently in the process of finilising an Arabic email editor/viewer. The first phase will run in the DOS environment and possibly later under other OSs such as Unix.

I would therefore appreciate to hear your views and the details of platforms/environmemts you are using. In order not to clog up this news group, please send your emails directly to me.

Regards Sharam. ________________________________________________________________________ Sharam Moghadam, Optimate Ltd London UK. tel (+44) 081 997 1848 fax (+44) 081 998 8304 email


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