ArabTeX 3.0

ArabTeX 3.0

From: (Klaus Lagally) Subject: ArabTeX 3 Organization: Informatik, Uni Stuttgart, Germany Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1993 15:33:55 GMT

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ArabTeX Version 3.00 is available


As of Nov 23, 1993, a new version 3.00 of ArabTeX is available by FTP from "". The package resides in the directory "/pub/arabtex/", the "README" file gives details.

The identical package is also available from the CTAN server network:

Aston (, /pub/archive/languages/arabtex/), Huntsville (, /tex-archive/languages/arabtex/), Stuttgart (, /pub/tex/languages/arabtex/).

ArabTeX is a TeX macro package with associated Naskh fonts designed to generate the arabic writing from texts coded in an ASCII transliteration. It is compatible with Plain TeX, LaTeX, NFSS, and the EDMAC package.

The new Version 3 now supports the codes ASMO 449 and ISO 8859-6. There is a large number of new commands, allowing for better formatting and catering for many details of historic writing conventions. Verbatim input now works correctly. Numerous small corrections have been introduced, but the user interface has not changed essentially.

The documentation has been thoroughly updated.

**Attention**: Some time ago, our FTP address has changed. No Internet *number* is given now as it may change again, but the node *name* will be stable. This node always carries the current version; in case of doubt check the version number and the date of the file /pub/arabtex/apatch.sty. Please observe that we are *not* the same as the "Stuttgart server"!

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