Amharic Word Processor

Amharic Word Processor

SUBJECT: AMHARIC WORD PROCESSOR From: (D. Yacob) Date: 16 Nov 93 09:27:20 GMT Organization: Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia

The new version of Goha (Goha1.2) is not a full blown word processor in itself but is a Word Perfect 5.1 add-on. Yesterday Goha 1.2 was installed at:

The files are presently in the directory:


(Which will not be visible if you do an "ls" within the "incoming" directory, but you can cd into the "eth_temp" directory and view the files). You will need to be in binary mode for the downloading and be able to copy onto a DOS disk. Within a few days the files should be movedto the"pub/languages/ethiopia/wp51" directory. This is a demo version of the WPadd-on and lacks the printer fonts but does have the screen fonts. The version with printer fonts is available from GohaTibeb Associates as detailed in the documentation.

-good luck! -dy-

ps login with the user name "anonymous" your email address is your password.

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