AlKaatib Arabic Wordprocessor

AlKaatib Arabic Wordprocessor

From: SUBJECT: ARABIC WORDPROCESSOR FOR PC Organization: UTRC Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1993 02:55:14 GMT

There is an arabic wordprocessor available for Microsoft Windows called, AlKaatib. This is a very powerful package. Alkateeb comes in two versions, regular and professional.

The regular version consists of:

24 Arabic TrueType fonts, Islamic calligraphy fonts, Arabic super and subscript, Arabic full justification with keshideh, Arabic page numbering, WYSIWYG, Tables, multicolumn text, Multi-lingual text, among all the other regular wordprocessor options. This package retails at $99.00. Compu-Co price is $95.00.

The professional version consists of the additional features of:

Arabic Spell Checker with a dictionary of over 10 million word forms. Automatic, advanced table manager. Automatic Footnotes, multicolumn including Newspaper or translation style columns with auto-balancing. over 50 Arabic Truetype fonts. Over 500 ligatures, special glyphs, and precise vowel placement for each font. Library of Islamic borders and Clip Art. Full Color processing and printing. Print Preview. Zoom. This package retails at $595.00. Compu-Co price is $555.00.

For details, orders or free brochure, interested parties can contact:

Compu-Co 30 Glenview Drive Cromwell, Conn. 06416 (203) 635-0013.

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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