ANC History on CD ROM

ANC History on CD ROM

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The Mayibuye Centre at The University of The Western Cape has published a unique CD-ROM record of South Africa The first in -this remarkable multimedia series, Mayibuye Books, consisting of 48 titles ranging from the speeches of Nelson Mandela and Albert Luthuli to A pictorial history of the ANC, is now available.

The CD-ROM, authored in Microsoft It offers a unique and comprehensive resource for all those interested in South Africa The first CD-ROM consists of 48 titles published by the Mayibuye Centre. These include:

HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS * Nelson Mandela: selected speeches since his release * Oliver Tambo: speeches to the UN * The Speeches of Chief Albert Luthuli * Yusef Dadoo - Speeches, Articles and Correspondence with Mahatma Gandhi

BIOGRAPHY * Learning from Robben Island -- The Prison Writings of Govin Mbeki. * Seme: the Founder of the ANC -- by Richard Rive and Tim Couzens * A Life* SP Bunting - a political biography * Escape from Pretoria -- by Tim Jenkin

HISTORY BOOKS * The Rise of the South Africa Reich by Brian Bunting * Mzabazzo -- a pictorial history of the ANC * Portrait of a People: Eli Weinberg* Father Huddlestone* Beyond the Barricades: pictures of resistance by 20 SA photograpers * Nelson Mandela: His life in the Struggle -- a pictorial history * Nelson Mandela: The Struggle is my Life -- speeches and writings together with historical documents and accounts of Mandela in prison by fellow prisoners.

POETRY ANTHOLOGIES * A Rainbow on a Paper Sky -- by Mandla Langa * And a Threefold Cord - by Alex La Guma * Poets to The People - edited by Barry Feinberg * A Tough Tale -- by Mongane Wally Serote * Emergency Poems -- by Keith Gottschalk

The above is just a sample of the range of material on the Cd Rom disc.


This remarkable CD-ROM is available to Internet users at a special price through The Weekly Mail & Guardian.

The normal retail price is US$150.

Our price is US$125 (including airmail postage)

Faxed orders (credit-card holders) can be sent to Bruce Cohen at Johannesburg 27 11 403-1025 Cheques/bank drafts can be mailed to Weekly Mail & Guardian Attention Bruce Cohen P O Box 32362 Braamfontein 2017 South Africa

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