Muslims and Human Rights

Muslims and Human Rights A new book (in French) about Muslims and Human Rights

Sami A. Aldeeb Abu-Sahlieh
Les Musulmans face aux droits de l'homme
religion & droit & politique
Etude et documents
Verlag Dr. Dieter Winkler, Bochum, 1994
610 pages. 17x24 cm. Soft cover. Price 109 Sfr.

This is the most exhaustive book in a European language about Muslims and Human Rights.


Sami A. Aldeeb Abu-Sahlieh, Doctor of Law and graduate in Political Sciences, is an Arab Christian of Palestinian origin with Swiss nationality. He is Staff Advisor in charge of Arabic and Muslim Law at the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law, Lausanne, Switzerland.


In seven principal parts, Sami Aldeeb analyses the Islamic law and the current law of the Arab countries in relation to Human Rights:

- Part I: History, sources and basis.
- Part II: Respect for life and physical integrity.
Glorification of martyrdom; Abortion and birth control; Death penalty and corporal 
punishment; Sexual mutilations.
- Part III: Muslims and non-Muslims
Religious adhesion; Religious freedom; Family law; Political rights and public offices.
- Part IV: Men and women
Equality in principle; Family law; Right to work; Political rights and public offices; 
Right to education; Opinion of Mahmud Muhammad Taha.
- Part V: Rich and poor
Wealth sharing; Slavery and servitude; Employers and employees.
- Part VI: Governors and governed persons
Political power and people; Majority and minorities. 
- Part VII: Arab States and international relations
Peace and war (gihad); Humanitarian law and international violence; Supranational 
organisations: case of the UN. 
- Annexes
	-11 Islamic and Arab declarations of human rights.
	- 6 Constitutional models prepared by Islamist groups.
	- List of 32 international conventions of human rights indicating	the Arab countries 
which have ratified them.

Most of the annexed documents are translated here for the first time in a European language.

In each of these parts, the theme is studied according to the same pattern:

I. Survey of the international documents as a comparative introduction. 
II. Norms of classical Islamic law so as to know the sources. 
III. Norms of current law in the Arab Countries. 
IV. Perspectives for the future, where are analysed: draft laws; governmental and non-
governmental Islamic and Arab declarations of human rights; constitutional models prepared 
by Islamist groups. 

To whom is this book destined?

To theologians, jurists and politicians; to lawyers and judges in contact with asylum applicants; to those who work in social and cultural fields; to arabists, orientalists and africanists; to the personnel of governmental and non-governmental human rights organisations; to parties and groups interested in human rights and working with the Arab world; to the members of the diplomatic corps; to the managers of commercial enterprises and societies. This book is also destined to each Arab and each Muslim concerned with respect for human rights in his region and wishing to hear a straight discourse, without prevarication.

How to order this book

This book is available through your local bookseller or can be ordered directly from the editor:

Verlag Dr. Dieter Winkler
POB 102665
D-44726 Bochum, Germany.

How to pay

Exclusively by payment in advance by cheque. The cheque must be valid for Swiss Francs (SFr.). The price per copy is SFr. 109.00. No other currency can be accepted. For cheque handling SFr. 3.00 are added to the price of the book; in the case of payment by eurocheque no handling costs are added. Booksellers will obtain a special offer on request.

Address of the author:
Sami Aldeeb
Swiss Institute of Comparative Law
CH-1015 Lausanne
Tel. 021/692 49 12
Fax 021/692 49 49

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