UConn Africa Notes, Vol. 6, No. 5 (Oct. 5, 1998)

UCONN AFRICA NOTES vol. 6, no. 5 (Oct. 5, 1998)


Oct. 5. Film. Flame (Zimbabwe, 1996). Monteith 143, 6:00 pm

Oct. 8. Talk. Dr. Jeremy Foltz (Agricultural and Resource Economics) 'Prickly Pears in Paris': The Prospects and Pitfalls of Tunisia's Agro-Export Strategy. Monteith 119, noon-1:15 p.m. Cosponsored by CCAS and the Dept. of Agricultural and Resource Economics.

Oct. 9. Talk. Ian Livingstone (U. of East Anglia, UK). Optimism and Pessimism in the Assessment of Prospects for Rural Industrialization and De-Agrarianization in Africa. Monteith 339, 3:00 pm.


Oct. 7. Talk. Jacques Chevrier (Sorbonne). Tendances de la Litterature Africaine. Shiffman 219, Brandeis U., Waltham MA. 4:00 pm. The talk will be in French.

Oct. 8. Talk. Max Essex (Harvard Aids Institute). African Subtypes of HIV. Cannon Room, Building C, Harvard Medical School, 240 Longwood, Boston. noon.

Oct. 8. Talk. Gretchen Bauer (U. Delaware). Post-Independence Politics in Africa: A New Departure or Re-enactment of Previous Errors?. HIID, Harvard U., 1 Eliot St. 4:00 pm

Oct. 8. Talk. Johannes Fabian (U. Amsterdam). Remembering the Other: Knowledge and Recognition in the Exploration of Central Africa. Room 133, Barker Center, Harvard U, 12 Quincy St. 5:00pm, reception follows.

Oct. 19. Talk. Rene Lemarchand. Ethnic Violence and the construction of mythico-histories: The view from the Great Lakes region of Africa. ASC, Boston U, 270 Bay State Road, noon-1:30 pm. ______________________________________________________________________________

EXHIBIT. Gifts of the Nile. Two hundred pieces from the world's greatest collections. RISD Museum, 224 Benefit St., Providence. Wednesday-Sunday, 10am-5pm, through Jan. 3, 1999.

ETHNO-NET AFRICA. A Pan-African network of institutions and scholars interested in ethnicity. ETHNO-NET will coordinate and support hitherto isolated research initiatives in ethnic conflict, create a documentation center and electronic database, make findings available through newsletter and website, train young researchers, and make policy recommendations for conflict resolution. For info: Professor Paul Nchoji Nkwi, PAAA/ICASSRT, BP 1862, Yaounde, Cameroon. E-mail:

CALL FOR PAPERS. A Conference on Comparative Imperial and Post-Colonial Historical Studies will be held at Michigan State U, Feb. 12-14, 1999. The Conference seeks to combine traditional and historical approaches with more contemporary methods across disciplines. Abstracts and panel proposals are invited; deadline Oct. 31, 1998. For info: Nicholas M. Creary, Dept. of History, MSU. E-mail:

CONFERENCE. The South African Historical Society wll host a biennial conference in Cape Town, July 1999. The theme is Secrecy, Lies, and History. For info contact: Martin Legassick, Dept.of History, Univ.of the Western Cape, Bellville 7535, South Africa. E-mail:

CALL FOR PAPERS. African Literature Association, 25TH Annual Meeting, March 10-13, Fes, Morocco. The theme of the Conference is Continental North-South and Diaspora Connections and Linkages. Proposals must be submitted by Dec. 10, 1998. For info: Edris Makward, ALA 1999 Co-Convenor.
E-mail: _____________________________________________________________________________

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