UCONN AFRICA NOTES Vol. 6, No. 23 (April 5, 1999)

UCONN AFRICA NOTES Vol. 6, No. 23 (April 5, 1999)

UCONN AFRICA NOTES Vol. 6, No. 23 (April 5, 1999)

Saturday, April 10. First Meeting of the CONNECTICUT FACULTY CONSORTIUM ON AFRICA. 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. Rittenberg Lounge, Mather Campus Center, Trinity College, Hartford. ALL CONNECTICUT-BASED FACULTY WORKING ON AFRICA ARE INVITED TO ATTEND. Parking will be available along Summit Street. Two papers will be presented with discussion and comments invited: Marion Doro (Connecticut College), Evaluating the Literature of African Democratization in the 1990s; and Sonia Lee (Trinity), Sheherazade and he Sisters: A Study of African Women's Essays Written in French. Anyone needing directions should call Larry Bowman (860-486-3355) or Michael Niemann (860-297-2431).


April 5. Film. Xala (Senegal, 1974). Monteith 143, free, 6 pm.

April 12. Film. The Blue Eyes of Yonta (Guinea-Bissau, 1991). Monteith 143, free, 6 pm.


April 6. Talk. Olufemi Akinola (U. Asmara). Eritrea, Africa's First New Nation-State? Collidge Hall, Harvard, 1737 Cambridge St., Cambridge. 4:30-6:00 pm.

April 7. Talk. David Schoenbrun (U. Georgia). Constructing Africa's Ancient Cultural History in the Great Lakes Region. Luce Hall, Yale, 34 Hillhouse, 4 pm.

April 8. Philip Verwimp (Yale). The Debates in Belgium on the Rwandan Genocide. Luce Hall, Yale, 34 Hillhouse. 1:30 pm.

April 12. Talk. Larry W. Bowman (UConn). Democracy and Development in Mauritius: Challenges for the New Century. ASC, BU, 270 Bay State Road, noon-1:30 pm.

April 13. Talk. Fabien Eboussi-Boulaga (Catholic U. of Yaounde). Cheikh Anta and the Idea of an African Civilization. Coolidge Hall, Harvard, 1737 Cambridge St., 4:30-6:00 pm.

April 14-15. Conference. Health and Social Change in East Africa. Harvard Faculty Club, 20 Quincy St., Cambridge. For program contact Mary Bigelow, TEL: 6170432-2558; E-mail:

April 20-21. AFRICA BUSINESS CONFERENCE 1999. Hosted by the Connecticut Dept. of Economic and Community Development. Travelers Education Center, 200 Constitution Plaza, Hartford. For info see the Conference Website:'99

ENCARTA AFRICA. This is a comprehensive encyclopedia of Black History and Culture on a CD-rom with multimedia aspects (over 2,500 audio and film clips, maps, charts, and tables) that make it useful for high-tech classroom use. The Sociology Dept. at UConn owns a copy. UConn faculty who wish to use it may check it out from Jeanne Monty (486-4423).

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