UCONN AFRICA NOTES Vol. 6,No. 24 (April 12, 1999)

UCONN AFRICA NOTES Vol. 6,No. 24 (April 12, 1999)

UCONN AFRICA NOTES Vol. 6,No. 24 (April 12, 1999)


April 12. Film. The Blue Eyes of Yonta (Guinea-Bissau, 1991). Monteith 143, free, 6 pm.

April 19. Talk. Finzan (Mali, 1990). Monteith 143, free, 6 pm.

April 21. Talk. Robert Dewar's talk on Madagascar set for today is CANCELLED and will be rescheduled in the Fall semester.


April 13. Talk. Fabien Eboussi-Boulaga (Catholic U. of Yaounde). Cheikh Anta and the Idea of an African Civilisation. Coolidge Hall, Harvard, 1737 Cambridge St., 4:30-6:00 pm.

April 14. Talk. Michael Shurkin (Yale). The Jewish Question and French Colonialism in Algeria, 1830-1871. Luce Hall, Yale, 34 Hillhouse. 4:30 pm.

April 14. Lecture-Demonstration. Randy Weston (Composer and Pianist). A Spiritual Awakening of African Rhythms. Music Building, Harvard, Oxford St., Cambridge. Free. 4:15 pm.

April 14-15. Conference. Health and Social Change in East Africa. Harvard Faculty Club, 20 Quincy St., Cambridge. For Info contact: Mary Bigelow, TEL: 617-432-2558; E-mail:

April 15. Talk. Ben Diogaye Beye (Senegalese Filmmaker). Historique du Cinema African. Sever Hall, Harvard. 5:30 pm.

April 16. Talk. Gunnar Kvale (U. Bergen, Norway). The HIV-AIDS Epidemic in Tanzania: Impact of Preventive Activities? Center for Population and Development Studies, Harvard, 9 Bow St., 4:30-6 pm.

April 17. Tenth Annual Africa Day, Smith College, Northampton. The theme of the day is Women and Social Change in Africa and the Diaspora. There will be a Keynote Address by Nahid Toubia (Sudanese surgeon, scholar and activist), Female Genital Mutilation in the Context of Activism and the Self-Determination and Autonomy of African Women, at 2 pm in Wright Hall. The talk will be followed by a dinner, cultural show, and party lasting late into the evening. For info contact: Jessica Horn, E-mail:

April 20-21. AFRICA BUSINESS CONFERENCE 1999. Hosted by the Connecticut Dept. of Economic and Community Development, Travelers Education Center, 200 Constitution Plaza, Hartford. For info call James Nicholas, TEL: 860-270-8061, or see the conference website:'99

April 21. Talk. Nancy Jacobs (Brown U). The Great Bophuthatswana Donkey Massacre: The Politics of Class and Grass. Luce Hall, Yale, 34 Hillhouse,
4:00-6 pm.

April 22. Talk. The Tenth Annual Bradford Morse Distinguished Lecture. Carolyn Brown (Rutgers U.) Cowboys, Letterwriters, and Dancing Women: Identity and Struggles over Space, Leisure, and Time in Enugu, Nigeria 1914-1955. ASC, BU, 270 Bay State Road, Boston. 4:00 pm.

April 22. William Foltz (Yale). Democratization and the African Military. CFIA, Harvard, 104 Mt. Auburn St., Cambridge. 4:00 pm

April 23. Tamara Giles-Vernick (U. Virginia). Cutting the Vines of the Past: Environmental Histories of Loss in the Sangha River Basin. Institution for Social & Policy Studies, Yale, 77 Prospect St. 11 am - 1 pm.

April 26. William Lindeke (Univ. of Lowell). Namibian Foreign Policy Since Independence. ASC, BU, 270 Bay State Road, Boston. noon-1:130 pm ____________________________________________________________________________ Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 08:30:53 -0400 From: Larry Bowman <BOWMAN@UCONNVM.UCONN.EDU> Subject: UCONN AFRICA NOTES

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar

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