UIUC Habari Newsletter, 03/'96

UIUC Habari Newsletter, 03/'96

Center for African Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

March 1996

Comments or information for inclusion in subsequent issues of the Habari Calendar or Newsletter should be directed to the Editor, Stephen Wooten at <> or submitted by phoning 333-6335. Also, if you are not already on the Center's e-mail distribution list and wish to be added please send a request message to <>.

CENTER FOR AFRICAN STUDIES 25TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION !! The celebrations on February 22 and 23 marking the Center's 25th Anniversary were a wonderful success. The Center would like to thank all those who joined us in marking this important milestone, especially our distinguished guests: Jane Guyer, Thandika Mkandawire, and Pearl Robinson. The festivities provided great insight into the processes of development that have taken place since the Center's inception, as well as illuminating some of the important directions the Center will be likely to follow in the years to come. A more comprehensive report on the celebration will appear in the first issue of the Habari Newsletter, to be published later this spring.

CENTER FOR AFRICAN STUDIES WEDNESDAY NOON SEMINARS Conference Room, Rm. 101, International Studies Building, 910 S. Fifth, Champaign.

March 6 Cyril Obi; Program in Arms Control, Disarmament, and International Security (ACDIS), UIUC. "Environmental Crisis, Politics, and the Quest for Democracy in Nigeria."

March 13 -- no talk scheduled due to campus-wide Spring Break --

March 20 Kwaku Gyasi; Center for African Studies, UIUC. "The African Writer and the Language of Writing."

March 27 Steve Meckstroth; Fine Arts Librarian, Milner Library, Illinois State University at Normal. "To CD or Not to CD: Presenting African Art in Electronic Form."


The Center invites applications for a "Specialist in Education" who will coordinate the Center's Outreach Program. It is a half-time position and will begin in August 1996. A job description and application details are available upon request from the Center. The deadline for application is March 31, 1996.

The Center invites applications for its annual Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships for the Study of Africa Competition. Applications are currently being accepted for summer term 1996 appointments. The deadline for summer school applications is April 15, 1996. Further details are available from the Center.

The University of Illinois in cooperation with the Committee on Institutional Cooperation announces its Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP). SROP is a program wherein undergraduate students who are underrepresented in graduate study (African Americans, Native Americans, Mexican Americans and Puerto Ricans) may undertake a summer research program that might lead to pursuit of an academic career. The deadline for application is March 7. Program details are available the office of the Associate Dean; 202 Coble Hall, 333-4860. A copy of the Program guidelines is posted at the Center.

The UIUC Illini Union Art Gallery is seeking input for future exhibits on culturally inclusive themes. If any African Studies core faculty or students are interested in discussing a possible topic please contact: Lenae Weichel at 332-1085 or Lavina Velasco at 384-0547.

The African and Africa Related Women's Association on campus has announced that their spring banquet will take place on Saturday, March 2. For details contact AARWA President, Diana Kakoma at 332-5927 or by e-mail at: <>.

The Center would like to call attention to Northwestern University's Program in African Studies' call for papers for the first Midwest Graduate Student Conference in African Studies. The conference will take place May 4-5. The conference is intended to provide participants the opportunity to present their work in a collegial forum and to encourage students from various regional institutions to meet their colleagues. Abstracts are invited from graduate students in the region working on issues in the social sciences and humanities. Abstracts are due by March 15 and completed papers by April 7. Further information regarding the conference can be obtained from Gregory Mann at <>.

In order to insure a trouble-free graduation and commencement, those African Studies MA students who plan to complete their degrees this spring should confirm their status with Stephen Wooten during his office hours.

CENTER FOR AFRICAN STUDIES SPRING SYMPOSIUM AND RELATED CONFERENCES This year's annual Center for African Studies Spring Symposium will be held at the Levis Faculty Center, March 28-30. The Symposium, organized by Merle Bowen (Department of Political Science), Ezekiel Kalipeni (Department of Geography) and Paul Tiyambe Zeleza (Center for African Studies) is entitled: "Space, Culture and Society in Africa." The program includes a reception on the evening of March 28th, numerous paper presentations on March 29th and 30th and a cultural event is being planned for the evening of the 30th. Further details are available from the Center.

A UIUC Joint Area Studies Symposium entitled: "Ethnic Fragmentation and the Nation State in International Perspective" will be held on Tuesday, March 5, 1996 from 1:00 - 5:30 PM at the Levis Faculty Center, Room 407. The first panel "Fragmentation and State Disintegration: Current Perspectives" includes a paper by Dickson Eyoh of the Departments of Political Science and African Studies at the University of Toronto and the second panel "Challenges to State Building" includes a paper by Don Crummey of the Center for African Studies and Department of History here at UIUC. The event is free and open to the public.

An international symposium entitled: "Tijaniyya Traditions and Societies in West Africa in the 19th and 20th Centuries" will be held this spring at the University of Illinois' Allerton Conference Center. Further details can be obtained from the symposium's co-organizer, Charles Stewart (Department of History) by e-mail at: <>.

An international conference on "Language Legislation and Linguistic Rights" will take place on campus from March 21-23 at the Levis Faculty Center. Numerous distinguished Africanists will be presenting papers in this forum. Program details are available from the Department of French at 333-2020.

AFRICA-RELATED TALKS AND PRESENTATIONS March 1: The Nigerian Students Association, the Champaign Coalition on Africa and the African Students Organization will host a discussion entitled: "Who is African? Misconceptions and Stereotypes" at 7:00 PM in Latzer Hall at the University YMCA. March 6: Denise Roth; UIUC Department of Anthropology, will present a talk entitled: "Mchango, Menses, and the Quality of Eggs: Local Analyses of Infertility in a Rural Tanzanian Community" at noon, 911 South Sixth Street in Champaign. The talk is part of the Feminist Scholarship Series. March 18: Natalie Zemon Davis; Department of History, Princeton University, will present a talk entitled: "Africans and Jews in the Plantation Culture of Suriname" in the Afro-American Studies and Research Program's Brown Bag Lecture Series. The talk will take place from noon to 1:00 PM at 1201 West Nevada in Urbana. March 20: Natalie Zemon Davis; Department of History, Princeton University, will present a talk entitled: "Braided Histories: Joanna Stedman and the Knot of Slavery" at 7:30 PM on the Third Floor of the Levis Faculty Center.

In conjunction with their gallery show: "Spirits and Spouses: Gender Roles in African Art," which runs from now until April 5 at the Columbia College Art Gallery, the show's organizers would like to announce the following talks: March 7: Dr. Margaret Thompson Drewal will present a talk entitled: "Gender Play in Yoruba Art and Performance" at 11:00 am in Hokin Hall, Columbia College Chicago; 623 South Wabash, first floor. March 14: Dr. Kathleen Bickford will present a talk entitled: "Women, Men and Textiles in Africa" at 2:00 PM at the Columbia College Art Gallery; 72 East 11th Street, Chicago. March 28: Dr. Ikem Okoye will present a talk entitled: "Who Owns the House Anyway?: Women and the Culture of Building in West Africa" at 11:00 am in Hokin Hall, Columbia College Chicago; 623 South Wabash, first floor. Details on the exhibit itself can be obtained by phoning 312-663-5554, ext. 6156 or 5104.

JOBS, GRANTS, FELLOWSHIPS, CALLS FOR PAPERS, ANNOUNCEMENTS The African Studies Program of Indiana University, Bloomington invites applications for the position of Director, to begin August 1996. Screening for the position will begin March 1, 1996. Application details and the job description are posted at the Center or can be obtained by contacting the African Studies Program at IU: telephone 812-855-6825.

Ohio University is offering several, 2-3 year Swahili language teaching internships for appropriately qualified persons. Those interested should contact the Chair of the Linguistics Department at OU for application details: telephone 614-593-4564.

The Mennonite Central Committee announces numerous opportunities to serve overseas in Africa. Interested individuals should contact MCC at <> for further program details or see their announcement posted at the Center.

The Wisconsin International Outreach Consortium announces its 1996 College Faculty Access Grants for Comparative Research. The grant is meant to foster research in libraries in Madison or Milwaukee. The deadline for application is April 15. Further details are available from Heather Miller at <> or by phoning 608-262-5962. A flyer is also posted at the Center.

The University of Florida's Center for African Studies announces its annual Research Affiliate Program. The program allows faculty at institutions without adequate Africana library resources to make use of the collection at UF. Program details are available from Agnes Ngoma Leslie at 904-392-2187.

A "Dissertation Workshop for African Students" is being planned by various programs at the University of California, Berkeley. The workshop will focus on the theme: "African Development: Prospects, Practices, and Policies." African doctoral students at various stages are invited to apply for admission to the workshop. Further details are available from Tami Driver by e-mail at: <> or by FAX at 510-642-9493.

The African Studies Association has issued a call for papers for its 1996 annual meeting in San Francisco, November 23-26. The deadline for abstracts is March 15. See your recent ASA News for application details or contact the Association.

The African Student Working Group at Ohio University announces a call for papers for the 11th Annual African Research Symposium at Ohio University. The symposium, planned for April 12-13, will address issues of African Education and Development. Paper abstracts are due by March 15. For further information contact: Charmaine Villet at <> or Dr. Margaret Booth at <>. A copy of the call for papers is posted at the Center.

The editors of the journal "Critical Sociology" have issued a call for papers for a special issue on social change in Southern Africa. Complete manuscripts will be due by April 1. For details contact: Thembisa Waetjen at the Department of Sociology, University of Oregon at Eugene.

Kalamazoo College's Center for International Programs announces several study abroad programs to Africa. They currently run programs to Kenya, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwe program is new and deals with Environmental Studies. Students interested in their programs are encouraged to contact the Center for International Programs at <>. A copy of their material is posted at the Center.

Boston University invites applications for its Program in French/Hausa, which is conducted in Niger. It is an academic year program and further details are available from BU's International Programs office at 617-353-9888. A catalog is also posted at the Center.

Drew University invites applications for its "Drew in West Africa: Cote d'Ivoire" summer study abroad program. The program focuses on the cultures, traditions and arts of West Africa. Applications are due by April 1. Program details are available by phoning the Program at 201-408-3013 or 201-408-3383 and there is a flyer posted at the Center.

Cornell University announces its Summer Program in African Languages. They will be offering Kiswahili and Yoruba at their campus in NY. Applications must be received by April 15. Further details are available from the program's Director, Vicki Carstens at <> or by phoning 607-255-0716. A flyer is posted at the Center.

The Indiana Center on Global Change and World Peace (ICGCWP) will hold a conference on "Water: A Trigger for Conflict/A Reason for Cooperation," March 7-10 in Bloomington, IN. Cases studies from Africa are included in the program. For further information contact John Hopkins at ICGCWP, e-mail: <> or by phone at 812-855-8862.

The 27th Annual Conference on African Linguistics will be held at the University of Florida, Gainesville from March 29-31, 1996. Further information can be obtained from Paul Kotey, e-mail at <> or by phone at 904-392-7015.

The Northeastern African Students Association (NASA) will host the 1996 International African Students Association Conference in April 1996, at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. For further information contact S. Mohamed by e-mail at <> or NASA at Northeastern University.

A tremendous source of Africana material is accessible through the University of Pennsylvania's web-site: < Home_Page>. The site is well worth a visit and a bookmark.

The Association of Concerned African Scholars homepage is now up and running. The address is: <http://www.prairenet.orgs/acas/>.

Center for African Studies

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



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