Sudan News & Views (No.1b)

Sudan News & Views (No.1b)



Title: Detainee Dies Under Torture
A Press Release From 'Sudan News & Views' 
London 10 May 1994
Following our previous press release on 25 April 1994 on the death under  
torture of Nadir Abdel Hameed Khairy, 'Sudan News & Views' has since 
obtained the following confirmed information from the victim's brother, 
who now lives as a refugee in Holland:
Nadir, born in 1964, joined the Ministry of Agriculture as an 
agricultural  engineer in 1988. He was dismissed from his job by the 
current military regime for political reasons. He is married with two 

He was arrested in December 1993 for the third time. On a previous 
occasion, he was picked up from the airport coming from Cairo. He was 
accused of working for the now-banned Umma Party and of carrying 
messages between opposition leaders inside and outside Sudan.
Since his recent arrest in December 1993, his place of detention wan not 
known to his family. On 4 April 1994, Security officers visited his wife 
to tell her that her husband has been transferred to the Military 
Hospital in Omdurman. His wife, when visited him the same day in the 
hospital, was  shocked by the severe swelling and disfiguration. She 
said that all his body carried obvious marks of severe brutality and 
When his family went to visit him in the hospital on 5 April1994, they 
were told that he died and the Security had collected his body. The body 
was never handed over to his family. To add to the tragedy, his mother 
also died shortly after hearing the news as a result of the shock.
It is firmly believed that the death of Nadir is a direct result of  
severe torture. It is not the first time that political prisoners in 
Sudan has been tortured to death in the notorious secret detention 
centres known as 'ghost houses', specially those suspected of having 
information about opposition activities. 
Amnesty International, among many other human rights organisations, is 
continually reporting cases of systematic ill-treatment and torture. 
This is yet another grim reminder of the abysmal human rights record of 
the current Sudanese government.  
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