Traditional Boerevors

Traditional Boerevors

From: Duncan Bennett Message-Id: <> Organization: World Conservation Monitoring Centre Subject: Re: South African recipes Date: Fri, 10 Jun 1994 10:09:51 +0100 (BST)

I have my own recipe for Boerie (a guess) but posted a request to for something more authentic. Here are some of the responses:

================================================================ -----from: TRADITIONAL BOEREVORS

Taken from "Biltong en Boerevors" published by the Meat Board" 1991. This recipe won First Prize in a National competition and is tried and tested.

2 Kg prime beef 1 Kg pork 20 g Coriander (50ml) 2 ml ground cloves 2 ml ground nutmeg 30 g fine salt (25ml) 5 ml freshly ground black pepper 500 g bacon 100 ml vinegar approx 90g intestinal casing (Pork is better)

To prepare coriander: 15ml produces 5ml Place in dry pan, heat and stir until light brown. Grind, sieve to remove husk. Grind remainder to a fine powder.

Cut meat into 50mm blocks. Mix in with herbs. Mince pork beef and herb mixture. Not too fine. Cut bacon into small blocks. Add vinegar and bacon to minced meat and mix. Stuff casing with mixture. (NOT too tightly.)



500 g Boned beef 500 g Boned pork 1 kg mutton 1 ml coriander 1 ml ground cloves 14 g fine salt 2 ml freshly ground black pepper 250 g bacon 15 ml sweet red wine 25 ml wine vinegar 15 ml brandy 60 g + casing (Pork is better)

Cut meat into 50 mm blocks Mix in herbs Cut bacon into 3mm blocks and add to mixture Mix wine, vinegar and brandy. Sprinkle over mixture. Mix lightly and stuff casing.

Cut into pieces only when ready to cook. The boerevors shrinks approx. 30% in cooking so cut pieces at least 6 inches long.

Enjoy Mike Berry University of Stellenbosch

================================================================== ------from Lance Image of Swaziland(!) NOW THEN: Here's a boerie recipe from "Cook and Enjoy It - a South African Cookery Manual", by S.J.A. de Villiers (devil ears)..

5 kg beef 1 kg pork 1.5 kg bacon 3 T salt 1 T pepper 2 T ground coriander 1 T ground cloves 2 T ground allspice 1.5 T ground nutmeg 4/5 cup vinegar

1. Mince the beef and pork and mix well. 2. Cut the bacon into very small cubes and add to the meat. 3. Mix the spices and sprinkle over the meat. 4. Mix well and add the vinegar. Leave for 1 hour. 5. Knead well again and fill large, well-cleaned sausage skins with the mixture. 6. Broil or fry the sausage in a pan or in the oven.

============================================================== Kind regards, Duncan.

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