About Algerie Postcard

Subject: algerie.msg (postcard explanation) From: borrel@ludvigsen.dhhalden.no (Borre Ludvigsen) Date: 16 Sep 93 16:07:32 GMT Reply-To: borrel@ludvigsen.dhhalden.no Organization: Ostfold College


A postcard from Algeria dated 1921. The printed text on the front is:

6106 SCENES ET TYPES. - Un Douar. - LL.

On the back:


I found the card on a street market here in Fredrikstad, Norway. The handwritten text on the back indicates that it was sent by a sailor that had been in traffic in the Mediterranean. Marseilles is mentioned, but he also indicates that he will not be sailing any further to the "jewish land". The ship is on its way to Rufisque in west Africa before they head back to Kristiania (now Oslo). It was posted in Oran, dated April 17, 19921, for Molde, Norway.

Just send me a message if you wish to receive the original scan which is 150 dpi and 200 colors. The card is 87 x 136 mm.

- Barre Ludvigsen