About S-travels Series

From: jqdoumen@is3e.vub.ac.be (DeJean) Date: 25 Mar 1994 08:30:40 GMT Organization: Brussels Free Universities VUB/ULB Message-ID: <2mu7fg$366@rc1.vub.ac.be>

Series of pictures taken during world-trips.


S-travels002.jpg {People} "5 children in Malawi" *5 children on the beach of Lake Malawi in Nkhata Bay - Malawi Color JPG, 814-596 107165 bytes

S-travels003.jpg {Exotic Beach}"Zanzibar - East Coast - Bweju" *Place where I would like to have stayed for ever. The east-coast of Zanzibar. Unfortunately, some commercial travel agencies started to build travel-resorts. If you still want to see this island as a paradise, go there now! Within one or two years it will be crowed with beach-tourists. Beuk! ;-) Color JPG, 594x774 147577 bytes

S-travels004.jpg {People} "Malawian friendliness" *Malawi - they claim to be the most friendly people in the world, and I must agree with them. And nope, it's not me on the picture. ;-) Color JPG, 725x1012 295301 bytes


All covers are scanned on a HPIIcx flatbed scanner and edited with Photostyler. (Original tiff images can be sent personally on request).