The East African Internet Association

The East African Internet Association

The East African Internet Association (EAIA) is a not-for-profit group formed in April 1995, seeking, by pooling resources and sharing experiences, to promote and expand cooperative electronic communications and inter-networking in the East African region. Its members include the majority of electronic service providers, serving at least 3,000 users, in the following countries: Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Partner networks abroad are also members, as are a number of interested individuals. Membership is open to all interested parties for a nominal fee. The Association is in the process of being officially registered in each country.

Good progress has been made in improving and rationalizing regional network topology, lobbying international fora and sharing information on new technologies and developments in the region.

Present node members (in alphabetical order):

ADAL (Eritrea)
AfricaOnline (Kenya)
ARSO (Kenya)
Dac-Net (Kenya)
Datamail (Kenya)
ELCI (Kenya)
Form-Net (Kenya)
Healthnet (Kenya)
Healthnet (Tanzania)
Hornet (Ethiopia)
InfoMail (Uganda)
Mission Aviation Fellowship (Kenya)
Marie (Tanzania)
Mukla (Uganda)
PADIS (Ethiopia)
Sasa (Kenya)
Tairel (Kenya)
ThornTree (Kenya)
Urban Mission Support Group (Kenya)
University of Nairobi Institute of Computer Science

EAIA's aims of cooperative internetworking in Africa are also supported by: Capacity Building in Electronic Communication in Africa (CABECA, UN Economic Commission for Africa), GreenNet (London), NGONET, UN Environment Progamme (Kenya), UN World Food Programme (Kenya), UN Department of Humanitarian Affairs (Kenya); RIO/ORSTOM (France), Web (Canada), Wolfnet Communications (London) and SangoNet (South Africa).

Discussions take place on a private Internet mailing list.

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You can reach the management committee of EAIA at:

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