What is The Hornet?

What is The Hornet?

                           T H E    H O R N E T
                           the Horn of Africa's
                      electronic information exchange

The Hornet, based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, is a free computer networking service established in early 1994 to promote the exchange of information in and on the Horn of Africa using electronic communications. Services available using FIDOnet technology include file transfer, electronic conferencing, mailing lists, databases and personal messaging. Users include academics, government and non-governmental organizations, UN agencies, businesses and diplomats. The Hornet is based at the Pan African Development Information System of the UN Economic Commission for Africa. Our logo (for the time being...) shows an Ethiopian postman, around 1935, carrying a letter in a cleft stick.

For further information, contact:
Or dial in: +251 1 514534 (any speed, modem settings N-8-1)
Samples of our material are available on the World Wide Web: