Shelby Cullom Davis Center Fellowships 1998/99

Shelby Cullom Davis Center Fellowships 1998/99

The Shelby Cullom Davis Center for Historical Studies at Princeton University has as its 1998-99 theme "corruption" in a very wide definition. Changing definitions and perceptions of corruption are included, but also individual scandals, and political, economic, and social corruption, as well as moral corruption and corruption as a metaphor in cultural, political, and biological critiques of civilization and society. In the context of the African continent in both past and present this may pertain also to issues such as the corruption of African cultures and societies by colonialism, neo-colonialism and western consumer culture, corruption in the administration and allocation of (food) aid (both by African actors and (western) organizations and individuals. Another interesting topic would be to look at the origins of corruption in Africa: was it indigenous (i.e. originating in "gift-giving" in patron-client relationships or gift-giving as a form of irregular taxation) or endogenous (western practices to buy the collaboration of African rulers in the slave and ivory trade; irregular "payments/gifts" to chiefs and headmen under colonial rule; kick-backs by Western companies). Applicants from any discipline may apply. The Center offers a number of research fellowships for one or two semesters and would be highly interested in having 1-2 fellows from Africa. Both recent Ph.D. s and senior scholars can apply. Fellows are expected to live in Princeton for the duration of the fellowship. The deadline for applications and letters of recommendation is December 1, 1997. In addition to the residential fellowships, scholars may offer a paper to the weekly seminars. For application forms and more detailed information, please contact the Manager, Shelby Cullom Davis Center for Historical Studies, Dept. of History, G-13 Dickinson Hall, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544-1017, USA. Fax: +609-258-5326

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