MSU: Fellowship 1999-00, Amharic/Ethiopian Studies, 05/99

MSU: Fellowship 1999-00, Amharic/Ethiopian Studies, 05/99

Announcing the


Application deadline: May 17, 1999

Michigan State University (MSU) with the support of the Ford Foundation announces the availability of three competitive fellowships for graduate students in African studies interested to complete an M.A. and/or Ph.D. in an MSU academic department.

The Fellowship offers support for a 15-month African graduate studies immersion program beginning June 1999 for the study of Ethiopia, consisting of:

- five-weeks of intensive Amharic language and Ethiopian studies at MSU in summer 1999 (June 17-July 23)

- one semester at MSU in fall 1999 for a full load in Amharic and African studies, enrolled in a graduate department of oneís choice and mentored by a Visiting Scholar from Addis Ababa University

- seven-months of immersion in Ethiopian and Amharic studies at Addis Ababa University January-August 2000 under guidance of the same mentor

Those completing the 15-month program will be expected to enroll for continuing graduate study at MSU in the following academic year beginning September 2000.Those students will be eligible to compete for the Centerís Title VI African Language and Area Studies Fellowships.

To apply, one must complete forms seeking admission both to this special program for African Studies Immersion and to an MSU academic department for graduate degree study.Graduate admission forms can be obtained from the relevant department or through the African Studies Center.

Criteria for selection shall include
- academic excellence and achievement
- commitment to the study of Africa through advanced graduate programs
- commitment to completing an M.A. and Ph.D. program in an academic department
- commitment to learning the language and culture of the African nation

Similar programs for the study of other regions and countries of Africa will be announced for graduate study beginning in summers 2000 and 2001.

MSU is an affirmative action and equal opportunity institution.

For further information, see the African Studies Center Website at:
<> and
the Summer Amharic Program at
<> or contact:

Dr.Yacob Fisseha, Assistant Director, <> or
Prof. David Wiley, Director, <>
African Studies Center Tel: (517) 353-1700
Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824-1035

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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