International Students in the U.S. (financial aid)

International Students in the U.S. (financial aid)



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The following sources have been selected for their potential usefulness to foreign students in the U.S. who are looking for financial assistance. This collection of materials particularly focuses on funding literature in the social sciences and humanities disciplines.

--Annual Register of Grant Support: A Directory of Funding Sources. 1989. 22d ed. Wilmette, IL: National Register Publishing Co., 1988. 1096 p. (GIC: LB2338/A88).

One of the few outstanding comprehensive reference sources on non- repayable financial support for scholars and researchers. Includes grant programs from almost every kind of public and private funding agencies, foundations, societies, and special interest groups. Foreign students may particularly want to consult the chapter, "Programs for Foreign Scholars," on pages 388 through 398, as well as the subject indexes.

--CISP International Studies Funding Book, ed. by Walter T. Brown, 3rd ed. New York: Council for Intercultural Studies and Programs, Inc., 1983. looseleaf (GIC: LC1099/C5/1983).

Although somewhat dated, despite promised updates by the publisher, this funding guide in notebook format may help students locate organizations which offer assistance to foreign students already in the U.S. Scan section VI: Profiles of International/Intercultural Studies Organizations, and section VI: International/Intercultural Studies: a List of Organizations (Regional, National, Global). If necessary, addresses may be updated and verified in more current reference sources such as the Encyclopedia of Associations.

--Directory of Research Grants. 1989. Phoenix, AZ: Oryx Press, 1989. 1319 p. (GIC: LB2338/D58/1989).

According to the preface, this directory lists 7,400 programs for those "in search of support for research and other creative endeavors." It is similar in content and comprehensiveness to the Annual Register of Grant Support. and as valuable. Be sure to make full use of subject indexes following the text.

--Foundation Grants to Individuals. 6th Ed. New York: Foundation Center, 1988. 360 p. (GIC: HV97/A3/F57/1988).

Devoted entirely to foundation grants for individual applicants, this directory includes a brief chapter on "Grants to Foreign Individuals," p. 216-223. Foreign students should also check the chapter on educational support. In addition, the preface lists titles of other reference sources on aid for individuals, many of which are held in the Grants Information Center.

--Funding for Research. Study and Travel: Latin America and the Caribbean, ed. by Karen Cantrell and Denise Wallen. Phoenix, AZ: Oryx Press, 1987. 301 p. (GIC: F1409.95/U6/C36/1987).

This directory lists 393 programs offered by organizations and institutions, both public and private, for students and professional scholars interested in projects in or concernins Latin American and Caribbean countries. Bibliography at end of text may also be useful.

--Funding for Research. Study. and Travel: The People's Republic of China, by Denise Wallen and Karen Cantrell. Phoenix, AZ: Oryx Press, 1987. 230 p. (GIC: E183.8/C5/W32/1987).

For students and professional scholars interested in pursuing work in or concerning the People's Republic of China. Lists approximately 300 programs offered by private and corporate foundations, government agencies, foreign sources, associations and organizations, professional societies, etc. Many organizations listed also provide assistance to Chinese students in the U.S., despite title. Includes subject and organizations indexes, plus bibliography of sources for further consultation.

--International Funding Guide: Resources and Funds for International Activities at Colleges and Universities. Washington, DC: American Association of State Colleges and Universities, 1985. 167 p. (GIC: LClO9O/I573/1985).

The publisher (AASCU) states that this guide is to help assist colleges and universities locate financial resources and services to help sustain international education, exchange, and cultural enrichment programs. However, it includes a number of organizations which offer assistance directly to foreign individuals as well. Dated material, but still worth checking.

--Private Sector Funding Available to Foreign Scholars and Students in the United States, by Ellen Wise Sivon. Rev. ed. Washington, DC: National Association for Foreign Student Affairs, 1985. 56 p. (GIC: LB2337.4/S58/1985).

Designed for foreign students and scholars in the U.S. who are seeking financial aid to complete their education, this directory rists sources of financial aid available from U.S. private nonprofit organizations.

--Scholarships for International Students: A Complete Guide to United States Colleses and Universities. 1986-88, ed. by Anna J. Leider. Alexandria, VA: Octameron Press/ Scholarship Research Group Publication, 1986. 271 p. (GIC: L901/S468/I986).

Presents an overview of the U.S. educational system, with information on selecting a college, admissions requirements, college costs, and campus customs and lifestyles. Organized by state and college only.

--Scholarships Guide for Commonwealth Postgraduate Students. 1989-90. London: Association of Commonwealth Universities, 1988. 324 p. (GIC: LB2339/C6/S3).

Preface states that this handbook contains information on financial assistance "for graduates of Commonwealth universities who wish to undertake postgraduate study or research at university in another Commonwealth country." However, text includes not only awards specifically intended for Commonwealth graduates but also awards for which they may apply among other candidates.

--Study Abroad: International Scholarships. International Courses. Paris: UNESCO, 1968 to date. Biennial. (Reference Desk: LB2338/S86).

In addition to international study programs in all academic and professional fields, the current edition lists financial assistance offered by international organizations, governments, foundations. universities, and other institutions in more than 115 countries. Indexed by international organizations, national institutions, countries, and subjects of study.

Compiled by Elizabeth Breed Memorial Library/University of Wisconsin-Madison Revised Summer, 1989 for additional help.

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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