South African Public Holidays

South African Public Holidays

New public holidays to take effect from 1995 have been announced:

1 Jan - new year's day
good Friday
family day (easter Monday)
27 April - constitution day
1 May - workers' day
16 June - youth day
9 August - national women's day
24 September - heritage day
16 December - day of reconcilliation
25 December - christmas day
26 December - goodwill day

21 March, Sharpville day, is likely to be a commemorative day but not a day off work. The days were chosen to give a more even spread than the previous days. Dropped: 31 May republic day), 10 October (Kruger Day) and 6 April (founders day). Changes in name: 16 June used to be Soweto Day (unofficial), 16 December has changed over time: Dingaan's day, day of the covernant, day of the vow (used to celebate defeat of the Zuluz at Blood River by the Boers).

These are still to be approved by parliament. Though the minister responsible is IFP (minority party) leader Buthelezi, it is unlikely the list will be changed.

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