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  • Madagascar
      The index has been created by The Norwegian Council for Africa, as part of its comprehensive effort to strengthen the knowledge of Africa and African affairs. The projects has been developed in cooperation with the information company Gazette, and wit h financial support from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Madagascar (Karen Fung)
      Resources represents part of Karen Fung's "Africa South of the Sahara Electronic Guide". It covers: news, history, geography, etc..
  • Languages of Madagascar
      The Ethnologue is a catalog of the world's languages including information on alternate names, number of speakers, location, dialects, linguistic affiliation, and other sociolinguistic and demographic information. This database represents the 12th edition of the Ethnologue, published in 1992.
  • The culture of Madagascar
      This website provides information and links about many aspects of Malagasy culture.
  • Malagasy Indo-autralomalesian Phytogeographic Connections (George Schatz)
      This paper was presented at the International Symposium on the Biogeography of Madagascar held in Paris 26-28 September 1995. The printed version of the paper will appear in the Symposium volume in early 1996 (Schatz, G.E. Malagasy/Indo-Australo-Malesian phytogeographic connections. In: W.R. Louren¨o (ed.), Biogeography of Madagascar. Editions ORSTOM, Paris
  • Lemur sights and sounds
      Pictures, sounds and information about the Lemurs of Madagascar.
  • Madagascar's Constitution
      The new Constitution was drafted by the multiparty conference National Front and received a 70 percent approval in the referendum on 19 Aug 1992. The ICL edition does not yet include the amendments of Sep 1995 extending presidential powers. Those amendments give the President rather than the Parliament the right to appoint a Prime Minister.
  • Some Vascular Plants of Madagascar
      The Conspectus of the Vascular Plants of Madagascar Project is an international, multi-institutional effort, whose goal is to make information on all vascular plants occurring in Madagascar widely accessible.
  • The Living Edens: Madagascar
      PBS resources on Madagascr natural history, and classroom resources
  • US Mission: Madagascar
      Resources about the US Embassy in Madagascar, and business opportunites under AGOA initiative
  • Madagascar - Top News
      Current news on Madagascar provided by all.Africa.Com.
  • Madagascar Tribune
      Daily newspaper (in French)
    href="">USAID: Madagascar
      About USAID projects in Madascar in areas of health, environment, democacy and economic growth
  • Photographs of Madagascar
      Photographs of Madagascar covering: wildlife, beaches, boats, and flora
  • Lemurs - Madagascar
      It's suggested that lemurs made their way to Madagascar from the larger African continent millions of years ago and have since adapted and evolved into the diverse number of species we see today.
  • Photographs of Madagascar
      Black and white daily life photographs from Madagascar
  • Madagascar 1997
      Picture collections of Madagascar flora and fauna, people and lanscapes.
  • The music of Madagascar
      This page provides information about popular Malagasy musicians, musical styles, and instruments.
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