Cameroon Embassy in the U.S.

CAMEROON- Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon

Chancery: 2349 Massachusetts Ave. NW. 20008 (265-8790 to 8794).

National Holiday: May 20.

His Excellency Jerome MENDOUGA; Mrs. Louisette Mendouga

Mr. Pierre NDZENGUE; Mrs. Ndzengue

Mr. Joseph ATANGA; Mrs. Atanga

Mr. Martin Agbor MBENG

Mr. Andre-Blaise KESSENG A MBASSA; Mrs. A. Kesseng A. Mbassa
Counselor (Economic)

Mr. Etue Vincent MBULLE; Mrs. Mbulle
First Secretary

Mrs. Regina A. BOUDJIHO
Second Secretary (Consular and Protocol)

Colonel Mathurin MEILLON; Mrs. Meillon
Defense, Military, Naval, and Air Attache

Mr. Bityeki Dax BATTOKOK; Mrs. Julienne Battokok
Attache (Cultural)

Mr. A. Zang ETORI; Mrs. Therese Etori
Second Secretary (Financial)