African Iron

African Iron

Pat Manning quite correctly passes on Merrick Posnansky's name as a doyen of African archaeology. It just so happens that, since this subject is one of my recent interests, I occasionally "talk" with him by e-mail and have his address. Here it is, for anyone who wishes to pursue this further:

In addition, the British Instiute in Eastern Africa sponsored a conference on agriculture and the Iron Age in Africa at Cambridge University. One of the leading figures, who also has been doing a lot of work on this, is Dr. Peter Schmidt, currently the director of the African Studies Program at U. of Florida. His e-mail address is

Finally, I should mention the work of Professor Christopher Ehret, also of UCLA. I recently was privileged to have read a draft of a new book he's soon to be publishing with U. of Cal. Press which looks primarily at the Bantu expansion, but also puts forth some provocative new theories concerning the history of the African Iron Age. Ehret makes very interesting use of the most recent ethnolinguistic and archaeological evidence in stating his theses. He can be reached at

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