Major in African Studies

Major Requirements | APPLICATION FORM

The minimum requirement for the major is 12 c.u.:

1)Two semesters of an African language (Intermediate or Advanced Level, not including French or Portuguese) or the successful completion of a language proficiency exam. (2 c. u.)

2) Proseminar : AFST 190 “Introduction to Africa” (must be taken at Penn) taken no later than the junior year.(1 c.u.)

3) Eight African Studies courses with Africa content. (at least 5 must be taken at Penn), (8 c.u.)

- 6 courses must have 100% Africa content
- 2 courses must have at least 25% Africa content

4) Senior thesis written on an Africa-related topic under the supervision of an African Studies faculty member. (1 c.u.)

Majors focus on one of two tracts: Social Science or Humanities: Social Science majors are required to take 6 courses in the social sciences and two in the humanities; Humanities majors are required to take 6 courses in the humanities and two in the social sciences.