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Source: United Nations Emergency Preventation and Prepardeness Group


additions and alterations since January 1 1995 in Italics


parties who have made their existence known to the Election Board are marked with a !

+AAUFSA - Addis Ababa University Fired Students' Association

+AAUFTA - Addis Ababa University Fired Teachers' Association

!+AAPO - All-Amhara Political Organization [Professor Asrat Woldeyes] (Nov 1991)

AEOPO - All Ethiopia Oromo People's Organization (August 1993) (USA/Netherlands)

ABGIN - Amara Beherawi Ginbar Niqinaqé - Amhara National Liberation Movement - the acronym means "someone who nags" - fictitious

A-BU-GI-DA/ECD - Ethiopian Congress for Democracy [Abraham Abebe] (Oct 1991)

*Adere, Guragé, Hadiya, Kambata, Omotic, and Workers representatives attended 1991 conference.

*AEIA - All Ethiopia Islamic Association

AEND Ethiopia - ? (in US)

*AHCP - Ad Hoc Committee for Peace [Ephrem Isaac] (part of Life and Peace Institute, Sweden)

Al - Itahad - = unity (Arabic) = OIU

!ALF - Afar Liberation Front [Sultan Alimirah Hanfary] (1975) - 3

ALF - Anuak Liberation Front (1991)

!ANLF - Afar National Liberation Front (not same as ALF) (?1994)

AKNDUO - Amaro (Kore) Nationality Democratic Unity Organization

And Etiopia - One Ethiopia (Washington DC) (1991)

ANUO - Argoba Nationality Union Organization [Haji Surar Sheh Mehamed]

!+APDM - Agew People's Democratic Movement [Teneger Yesmaw] (September 1991) - 1

!APDO - Afar People's Democratic Organization [Ahmed Abdella] (May 1992?)

!APDO - Alaba People's Democratic Organization ?or Union? [Haji Seid Ali] (September 1991)

APOFS - Association for the Promotion of Oromo Federal Structures (Berlin) (Mar 18 1994)

+APUO - Amhara Peoples' Unity Organization

ARDU - Afar Revolutionary Democratic Union [Mahamouda Gaas] (October 1991)

Baboyo community/nationality

BDO - Besrat Democracy Organization

BMNUO - Bahirwork Mesmes Nationals Unity Organization (27 October 1991)

*BPLM - Benishangul People's Liberation Movement/Front (affiliated to EPRDF) [Ateyeb Ahemed; Yusuf Hamid Nassir] (1991) - 2

!BNWEPDUP - Benishangul and North West Ethiopian People's Democratic Unity Party (1994?) (same as BPLM?)

!BPDO - Burji People's Democratic Organization [Tilahun Endeshaw] (August 1991) - 1

!BPUDM - Burji People's United Democratic Movement (?1994) (not same as BPDO)

!BPRDM - Bencho People's Revolutionary Democratic Organization [Lema Konteko]

!BWEPDP - Benishangul and Western Ethiopia People's Democratic Party (not same as BNWEPDUP) (1994?)

CAFPD(E) - Council of Alternative Forces for Peace and Democracy in Ethiopia ?36 members [Beyene Petros] (Dec 1993)

look for + signs to indicate members. The following parties have not yet had their applications confirmed:

Bisrat Democracy (see EDA), Ethiopian People's Democratic Salvation?; EPDUO; and SAMGDO.

CCLE - Council for Civil Liberties in Ethiopia (Frankfurt) [Dr Asfa-Wossen Asserate] (March 1992?)

CCPERC - Coordinating Committee for the Protection of the Economic Rights of Citizens

COEDF - Coalition of Ethiopian Democratic Forces [?Goshu Wolde, Mersha Yosef]

EPRP - Ethiopian Peoples' Revolutionary Party [Tsegay Gebremedhin] (Apr 1972, but formally July 1975)

MEISON - All-Ethiopia Socialist Movement [Haile Fida executed 1979; Negedde Gobeze] (1974)

TPDM - Tigray People's Democratic Movement [Dr Haile Atsbeha] (1979)

EDU, EPDA and TPDM left in 1991

CONA - Concerned Oromos in North America (Washington) (1991)

DAL - Democratic Action League (or Front, or Group) {Issa} [Mohamed Sheik Ibrahim] (emerged Jan 1992 - claims underground since 1974)

Dam Melash (Blood Vengeance) - (1992)

DATW - Democratic Association of Tigrayan Women (Sep 1991)

!DDKPDO - Denta Debam Kenthuthla People's Democratic Organization (?1994)

DML - Democratic Movement League (same as DAL?) (1992?)

DNDM - Dawro-Kulokonta Nationality Democratic Movement (absorbed by DawroPDF?) (August 1991)

DOPG - Democratic Organization of the People of Gedeo (formerly GLM) (same as GedioPDO) (August 1991)

!+DPDM - Dawro People's (?Revolutionary?) Democratic Movement (October 1991)

DPDF - Domo People's Democratic Front

!DPDO - Derache People's Democratic Organziation (1994?)

DPRDO - Dawro People's Revolutionary Democratic Organization

DUP - Democratic Unity Party [Ahmed Abdikarim] see also ESDL (1990)

EAMWA - Ethiopians Association in Mid West America (1993)

EAPAC - Ethiopian American Political Action Committee (1993)

EDA - Ethiopian Democratic Alliance [Meshesha Biru] (1992?)

BD - Bisrat Democracia (Sudan) (applied to CAFPDE)

EDC - Ethiopian Democratic Coalition (now in CAFPDE)

EDP - Ethiopian Democratic Party (now in CAFPDE)

MNC- Multi-National Congress [Aregawi Berhe]

TPDM - Tigray People's Democratic Movement

+*EDAG - Ethiopian Democratic Action Group [Ephrem Zemichael] (1991?) - pulled out July 1993? 1

+EDC - Ethiopian Democratic Coalition (split between CAFPDE and ENDP)

EDF - Ethiopian Democratic Forum [Alemayehu Deressa (Sweden) Teshome Haile Mariam?] (Germany)

*EDM - Ethiopian Democratic Movement

+EDP - Ethiopian Democratic Party (in Germany) (dispute with the other EDP over use of name)

+EDP - Ethiopian Democratic Party

+*EDU - Ethiopian Democratic Union [Le'ul Ras Mengesha Seyoum; Solomon Wodajo; Abraha G/Meskel; Col Asrat Bogale] (previously in COEDF) (March 1975)-1

!EDUP - Ethiopian Democratic Union Party

EFD - Ethiopian Forum for Democracy [Belay Woldeyesus]

EFUP - Ethiopian Federal Unity Party

EGDO - Ethiopian Gabooye Democratic Organization [Ahmed Abdi Jeex] (1984)

EHRCO - Ethiopian Human Rights Council [Professor Mesfin Wolde Mariam] (October 10 1991)

EIDM - Ethiopian Islamic Democratic Movement

ELHR - Ethiopian League of Human Rights [Paris: Fitawrari Kebede] (Paris & Rome)

ELP - Ethiopian Liberal Party (1991?)

EMDP - Ethiopia's Medhin (Salvation) Party [Goshu Wolde, Dr Tsehaye Alemayu] (USA) (March 1992)

EMUO - Ethiopian Muslims Unity Organization

ENATAD - Ethiopian National Alliance to Advance Democracy

!ENDP - Ethiopian National Democratic Party (2 April 1994)

NB: a merger of the former leaders/council representatives of the following parties. Most of the parties are split over the merger and other issues (illustrated by dual membership of ENDP and CAFPDE.

*ENDO - Ethiopian National Democratic Organization [Kifle Wodajo; Teshome Hailemariam; Dereje Deresse d.1992] (June 1991) - 1

?+ *EDC - Ethiopian Democratic Coalition or Council [Meshesha Biru; Nebiyu Samuel] (1989) - 1

GPDF - Guragé People's Democratic Front [Dr Fekadu Gedamu; Fantahun Haile-Michael] (1991?) - 2

?+ !KPC - Kambata People's Congress [Tesfaye Habisso; Teketel Mekeeso] (August 1991) - 2

*WPDF - Wollaita People's Democratic Front (or Organization) [Altaye Alaro; Leulesselasse Temamo] (1988) - 2

ENDU - Ethiopian National Democratic Union (split from EPDA) (London) [Lt. Gen. Negga Haile Selassie] (1991)

+ENUP - Ethiopian National Unity Party [Lt. Gen. Jagama Kelo] (March 1992)

EO - Ethiopianness Organization (Etiopiawinet loses in translation) [Dejazmach Zewdie Gebre Hiwot; Samel Alemayehu] (1994?)

*EPDA - Ethiopian Peoples' Democratic Alliance [Yonas Deresse & formerly Dereje Deresse; Captain Hassan Said] (previously affiliated with EPRDF May 1991?) (1981)

EPDF - Ethiopian Peace and Democratic Forum (Canada)

!EPDP - Ethiopian Peace Democratic Party

EPHRDM - Ethiopian People's Human Rights Democratic Movement

+EPDUM - Ethiopian Peace, Democracy and Unity Movement

!*EPRDF - Ethiopian Peoples' Revolutionary Democratic Front [Meles Zenawi] (Jan 1989)

EWRP - Ethiopian Workers' Revolutionary Party (party of EPRDF) (Jan 1991)

ESC - Ethiopian Support Committee (fund raising, etc)

Seneged - humanitarian wing?

ADA - Afar Democratic Association (Jan 1992)

ADU - Afar Democratic Union (Dec 1990)

!ANDM - Amhara National Democratic Movement (formerly EPDM) [Taamrat Layne] - 10

GPLM - Gumuz People's Liberation Movement (1994?)

!OPDO - Oromo People's Democratic Organization (see also OPPM) [Kuma Demexa; Dr Negasso Gidada] (March 26 1990) - 10

OMLM - Oromo Marxist-Leninist Movement (Nov 1990)

!SEPDF - Southern Ethiopia People's Democratic Front (17 member coalition) [Abate Kisho] (Nov 93)

!TPLF - Tigray People's Liberation Front [Tewolde Woldemariam from Feb 1992?, Meles Zenawi] (Feb 1975) - 10

MLLT - Marxist-Leninist League of Tigray [Abay Tsehay; Meles Zenawi] (1985)

UTA - Union of Tigreans in America

UTE - Union of Tigreans in Europe

+EPSF - Ethiopian People's Salvation Front

!ESDL - Ethiopian Somali Democratic League (merged with DUP under the ESDL name April 1994) [Abdul-Mejid Hussein] (early Feb 1994)

SDUP - cf

IGLF - cf

GLF - cf

EGDO - cf

ESEL - Eastern Somali Ethiopian League

SADO - Social Alliance Democratic Organization

SALF - cf

SPDM - ShikashiPDM - cf

ESDM - cf

ESDM - Ethiopian Somali Democratic Movement [Farah Musa Awale, Issa Sheikh Imar Osman, Ahmed Yousuf Abdi, Esaq Mohad Fulamo, , formerly Yusuf Omar] {Issaq} (1982)

ESM - Ethiopian Salvation Movement (Sweden)

EUPF - Ethiopian Unity Protection Force - claimed responsibility for USAID shooting Feb 1994

EUO - Ethiopian Unity Organization (Sweden)

EWF - Ethiopian World Federation {Rastafarian} (1930s?)

FEPD - Forum of Ethiopians for Peace and Democracy

FGF - Felege Ghion Forum or Ghion Liberation Front (Gojjami or Wogené) (Geneva) [Dr Muse Tegegne] (June 12 1991)

FNUYO - Free National Unity Youth Organization

GDP - Guragé Democratic Progressives (probably same as GNP) (October 1991)

!+GDU - Gamo Democratic Union [Asrat Bijjo] (October 1991)

General Waggo Gutu - leader of Bale uprising in 1960s - still active in UOPLF {Oromo}

!GGPDO - Gamo Gofa Peoples Democratic Organization (probably same as GGGGPDO)

GGGGPDO - Gamo-Gardula-Gofa-Geleb-Hamer-Basketo People's Democratic Organization [Demere Derese]

GLF - Gurgura Liberation Front [Dr Abdel Aziz Ahmed] (Dec 1991)

GLM - Guragé Liberation Movement (same as another?)

GNDP - Gogot Nationality Democratic Organization

GNP - Guragé Nationality Progressives [Nega Teklu] (1973)

+GPDO - Gedio People's Democratic Organization [Elisa Mengistu ?? Alesa Mengesha] falling out with EPRDF Mar 94? (Sept 1991) - 1

Guji Nationality

GPDO - Guragé People's Democratic Organization [Mubarek Shure; Dr Haile Woldemichael sacked 4 Sept 1992] (Sept 1991)

!GPDUP - Gambella People's Democratic Unity Party {Nuer} (28 March 1992)

!*GPLM - Gambella People's Liberation Movement or Democratic Front (affiliated to EPRDF) [Utow Udole (1994) Agua Alema; Petros Amman (sacked Mar 94); Peek Ijulu] (1983) - 2

!+GPDF - Guragé People's (formerly Revolutionary) Democratic Front or Movement [Negusse Ababu] (1991)

!GPRDM - Gedeo People's Revolutionary Democratic Movement (opposed to GPDO) [Abebe Melake] (Jan 5 1992)

HDF - Horyaal Democratic Front (formerly Society) sometimes just "HORYAAL" (liberator) {Gedebursi} [Abdulahi Hajji Bahdun; Abdi Ismail] (1954 (?), 1991) - 1

HDU - Hadiya Democratic Union - same as HNDO? (Oct 1991)

HNADO - Hasen Nesero Alaba Democratic Organization

+HNDO - Hadiya National (or Nationality) Democratic Organization [Dr Beyene Petros, Tewodros Ephrem] (1968) - 2

!HDUP - Harar Democratic Unity Party (21 Nov 1993)

Hibre Hizb - ?

!HNL - Harer National League {Aderi, Harari} [Ahmed Al-Selam killed April 1992; Mohammed Abdurahman; Haji Zekaria Abdulahi Gatu] (September 1991) - 1

!HPDO - Hadiya People's Democratic Organization [Degu Tieto] (Nov 1991)

IBSO - Ijarsa Bilisuma Saba Oromo (1994)

IC - Independent Committee (London) (1991?)

INYUO - Independent National Youth Unity Organization

!*IFLO - Islamic Front for the Liberation of Oromia [Sheik Jara Aba Gada; Sheik Abdulkarim Ibrahim, a.k.a. Sheik "Jara" Abageda; Sufian Gibril Omar; Haji Umer Mohammed] (same as OMLF?) [1969] - 3 (IFLO split between Addis Ababa faction [Abdul Ahmed Majeed & Felmeta Gada] and Sheik Jarra's)

*IGLF - Issa and Gurgurra Liberation Front [Riyale Ahmed; Bouh Husien] (1991) - 1

Islamiya Oroomia (IFLO?)

ISP(WS) - Islamic Solidarity Party in Western Somalia (or Ogaden?) [Abdirahman Yusuf Magan, Mohammed Moalim Osman] (1991)

JDM - Jarsso Democratic Movement affiliated to ESDL in April 1994

Jara - = IFLO (leader of)

!JPF - Joint Political Forum (1994?)

JPLF - Jidwaq People's Liberation Front [Bashir Garad Dool Hirsi] (1964?, 18 May 1992)

!KNDO - Kabena Democratic ?Nationality? Organization

Kefagn - or Kefagn Patriotic Front ("the dissastisfied") (Gonder) (September 1992)

KPDM - Kebina People's Democratic Movement

KNUDO - Kere Nationality Unity Democratic Organization

Kontoma Community Representatives

!KPDO - Kembata People's Democratic Organization [Teketel Forsido; Yelata Letamo] (November 1991)

KPDO - Kulo People's Democratic Organization

!KPDO - Konso People's Democratic Organization [Kumeda Kuyasa]

+KPDU - Kaffa People's Democratic Union/Organization [Zewede Otoro; Dr Ashenafi Mamo] (July 1991) - 2

!KPDUO - Korie People's Democratic Unity Organization [Asres Atnafu]

!KPRDO - Kefa People's Revolutionary Democratic Organization [Abebe Abora] (Apr 1992)

!KPDP - Konta People's Democratic Party {Kefa?} (1994?)

LDP - Liberal Democratic Party

LDM - League of Democratic Movements (same as DAL?)

LPDO - Lakwa People's Democratic Organization [Daniel Doye] (Feb 1992)

+MAO - Moa Anbessa Organization (Conquering Lion Organization) [Negus Amhaselassie, formerly Asfawossen, Haile Selassie's son; Chairman Dr Getachew Mekasha] (November 1991)

MDP - Medhin Democratic Party (same as EMDP?) (1993?)

MEDUP - Mother Ethiopia Democratic Unity Party [Yigezu Oda] (Sept 1991)

MEUD - Movement of Ethiopians for Unity and Democracy (formerly MEAW) (London) [Mammo Muchi] (1991)

MGDJ - Movement for Genuine Democracy and Justice (USA)

MNCP - Multi National Congree Party (Nov 1991)

!MPDO - Mareko People's Democratic Organization [Ketema Weshebo] (24 October 1991)

MPUDD - Movement for Peace, Unity, Development and Democracy (USA)

NA - New Abyssinia (1994?) (Toronto)

+NDU - National Democratic Union

!+OALF - Oromo Abbo Liberation Front [Sheik Adem Ibrahim Yitsehak, Mohammed Suraj sacked Mar 27 1994, replaced by Hussein Abdella] (1970s) - 1 (suspended & reinstated April 1992)

ODC - Oromo Defence Committee (September 1993)

ODUGP - Organization for the Unity of the Guragé People (June 1991)

!OEMNNDP - One Ethiopia of Mixed Nationa and Nationality Democratic Party (?1994)

*OILF - Oromo Islamic Liberation Front (same as OMLF or IFLO?)

OIU - Ogaden Islamic Union (or Movement, or Unity Party or IUP?) [Abdi Selam] (1991)

OLF - Omotic Liberation Front

*OLF - Oromo Liberation Front [Galassa Dilbo, Lencho Leta (sacked 25 Dec 93); Ahmed Agmal] (Oct 1974) - 12 until 21 June 1992

OLA - Oromo Liberation Army

OLO - Oromo Liberation Organization (1989 and March 1992?)

OMLF - Oromo Muslims' Liberation Front (same as OILF?) (signed agreement with (O)ALF, OLF and OPLF June 1991)

ONLF - Ogadeni National Liberation Front [Sheik Ibrahim Abdallah, Abdulahi Mohammed Sa'di] (15 August 1984) (signed agreement with WSLF July 19 1991) - 1

VoE reported alliance including Shariah law dated Jan 5 1994 between ONLF, OIU, DAL, ISPWS, DUP, ShikashiPDM

OOLF - Oromo Orthodox Liberation Front

+OPDF - Omotic People's Democratic Front [Fitawrari Mekonnen Dori, Demessa Tsara; formerly Assefa Chabo] (September 1991) - 2

*OPDO - Oromo People's Democratic Organization (see EPRDF) (May 1990)

+OPDU - Omo People's Democratic Union (same as OPDM/F?)

OPDU - Oromo People's Democratic Union

OPLO - Oromo People's Liberation Organization (1994?)

OPOC - One People One Country

OPPM - Oromo People's Political Movement <defunct?; comprised OALF, OILF, OLF, OPDO, OPLF> (July 18 1991)

OSOFU - Oromo Students of Finfine University (1992?)

OWDA - Ogadeni Womens Democratic Alliance [Hajio Dama]

RBPP - Rer Bare People's Party (merge with DUP April 6 1992) (Sep 1991)

RPODF - Revolutionary People's Oromo Liberation Front

SAMDO - Silte-Azernte Berbere-Alto Weriro-Mekane-Melka-Welene-Gedbena Democratic Organization

SBA - Sagalle Bosona Ambo ("Voice of the Ambo Forests") (1994)

!SEPDC - Southern Ethiopian Peoples' Democratic Coalition (was USEP) (GPDF, OPDF, KPDU, HNDO, YNDM, WPDF, KPC, SLM, GPDO, BPDO, OmPDM; DPDM, TPDU, OPDU and KNDO joined November 1992) [Dr Beyene Petros; formerly Dr Haile Wolde Michael?] (Mar 1992) - (total 17 seats)

+SGPDO - Sodo Gordena People's Democratic Organization [Mekuria Maru, Dr Alemayu Areda] (August 1991)

!SGPO - Silte Gurage People's Organization (1994?)

SJOPDO - Sodo and Jida (Oromo) People's Democratic Organization [Urges Wakeni]

SLF - Sidama Liberation Front (1992?)

*SLM - Sidama ?People's? Liberation Movement [Wolde-Amanuel Duballe; Betena Hotesso] (split in two in Nov 1992?) (1978) - 2

!SOPDM - South Omo People's Democratic Movement [Getahun Goidango?] (1993)

SPDM - ?Baro? Shinasha People's Democratic Movement [Damtew Gobena]

!SPDM - Shikashi People's Democratic Movement {Somali} (1994?)

!SPDO - Sidamo People's Democratic Organization [Abate Kisho; Sameil Shaba; Hameso Melese] (Nov 1991)

SPDU - Shekocho People's Democratic Union ?or Movement? [Dr Beyene Petros; Getahun Negawa]

!SPDUP - Silte People's Democratic Union Party (1994?)

SPIDP - Southern People's Independent or Liberation? Democratic Party

!SPLF - Somali People's Liberation Front (1994?)

Tadamun al Islam (same as ISPS(WS))

!TPDO - Timbaro People's Democratic Organization (same as TPDU?)

+TPDU - Timbaro People's Democratic Union (Oct 1991)

TWU - Tigray-Worji Union [Haji Jemal Abdu Agidew] (August 1991)

!TWNDUP - Tigray-Worji Nationality Democratic Unity Party (probably same as TWU) (?1994)

!UDN - United Democratic Nationals [Negash Deneke, formerly Tsegaye Abiye] (Sept 1991)

UDP - United Democratic Party [Mohammed Haji Ibrahim] (same as DUP?) (Sept 1991)

UEY - Union of Ethiopian Youth [Musie Semu] (Apr 1992)

UGOGOMO - "Revolution" {Afar}

UGPLP - United Gonder People's Liberation Party or Democratic Movement

*University Teachers' Representatives [Professor Asrat Woldeyes & Dr Mekonnen Bishaw] - formerly 1 (up to March 1992)

UOE - United Oromo ?Exiles? (Berlin)

UOPL - United Oromo People's Leadership (same as UOPLF?)

!UOPLF - United Oromo People's Liberation Front (same as UOPO?) (formerly OPLF) [Abajebel Tahiro, Haji Mohammed Quta, also ?General Wako Guutu Usu] (November 1991) - 1

UOPLF - a new UOPLF announced itself in Mar 94?

UOPO - Union of Oromo People's Organizations (same as UOPLF?)

UPDM - Uma People's Democratic Movement (same as OPDM?) (August 1991)

USL - United Somali League (1991)

UYE - United Young Ethiopians (San Francisco) (1993)

Weyane - term for Tigrayan rebels at least since revolt of 1943 [led by Belatta Hailemariam Redda] ("not derogatory" - Meles Zenawi)

WNLO - Wata Nationality Liberation Organization

WOA - Wollega Oromos Association [Daniel Disassa] (1992)

*Workers' representatives (in Council) [Assefa Wodajo] - 3

+WPDF - Wollaita People's Democratic Front

!WPDO - Wollaita People's Democratic Organization [Daniel Wogasso] (Nov 1991)

WRNDF - Wollaita Revolutionary National Democratic Front (November 1991)

WSOIUP - Western Somali "Ogadeni" Islamic Union Party (same as ISP(WS)?) [Sheik Ibrahim Ali]

!WSDP - Western Somali Democratic Party [Hassan Jire] (March 1994)

*WSLF - Western Somali Liberation Front [Sheik Abd al-Nasir Sheik Adan, Mohamed Ugaz Abdi] (signed agreement with ONLF 19 July 1991) (1963, relaunched 1975?) - 2

+YNDM - Yem National Democratic Movement (formerly YNM) [Wolde Yesus Lofe] (Sept 1991) - 1

!YPDF - Yem People's Democratic Front

!ZPDO - Zeyse People's Democratic Organziation (?1994)


ANLM - Afar National Liberation Movement (became AfarLF) (Jeddah) [Sultan Alimirah Hanfary] (1975)

APDM - Adere People's Democratic Movement (became HNL)

Ayalnesh - maverick female guerilla leader in the north - Gojjam (member of EPRP?) (arrested early 1992?)

BLF - Bertha Liberation Front (early 1980s)

BTRADM - Belesa Third Regional Army Democratic Movement (splinter of EPRP) (1978?)

CCEAFPTA - Coordinating Committee of the Ethiopian Armed Forces, Police and Territorial Army (became PMAC or Derg) (June 1974)

COPWE - Commission for Organizing the Party of the Working People of Ethiopia (congress June 1980)

CPR or CPRE - Committee for Peace and Reconciliation (in Ethiopia) (AA University) [Professor Mesfin Woldemariam] (4 April 1991)

CUES - Committee for the Unity of Ethiopian Somalis (DAL, DUP, EGDO, ESDM, GLF, HDF, ISPWS, IGLF, OIU, RBPP, WSLF)

Derg - "Committee" = PMAC

DFLE - Democratic Front for the Liberation of Ethiopia (EDU, EPRP) (1981)

DPFE - Democratic Peace Forum on Ethiopia (London) (temporary London conference organizers) (1991)

ECP - Ethiopian Communist Party

EDORM - Ethiopian Democratic Officers' Revolutionary Movement [Alemshet Degife, ?Asamenaw Bedane] (member of EPRDF) (May 1990, dissolved April 31 94) - formerly 2 seats

EDUP - Ethiopian Democratic Unity Party (announced by Mengistu 5 Mar 1990)

EMALADEH - Union of Ethiopian Marxist-Leninist Organizations (led to WPE) (Feb 1977)

Abiotawi Seded - "Revolutionary Wildfire", Mengistu's party [Legesse Asfaw] (Oct 1976)

ECHA'AT - Ethiopian Exploited Peoples' Unity Struggle [Baro Tumsa]

MALERID - Marxist-Leninist Revolutionary Organization

MEISON - All-Ethiopia Socialist Movement [Haile Fida] (1974) (nb. still exists in COEDF)

Waz Ader - early post-revolutionary Marxist-Leninist party [Senaye Lakey]

ENLF - Ethiopian National Liberation Front (some links with WSLF, Bale revolt) (Aug 1971)

EPDM - Ethiopian Peoples' Democratic Movement [Taamrat Layne] became ANDM 1994 (Nov 1980) - 10

MLF or EMLF - (Ethiopian) Marxist-Leninist Force (party of EPDM) [Taamrat Layne] (May 1989)

EPLA - Ethiopian People's Liberation Army

EPRA - Ethiopian Peoples' Revolutionary Army (1975)

EPRM - Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Movement (later became EPRP) (1960s)

ESANA - Ethiopian Student Association in North America (allied with EPRP) (1960s)

ESUNA - Ethiopian Student Union in North America (allied with EPRP) (early 1970s)

EUSBLA - Ethiopian Unity Salvation Black Lion Army [Major Tadesses Hundie]

Forum '84 - [Saba Kidane-Mariam] (October 1991) ("lack of funds...", but then revived?)

GLM - Gedeo Liberation Movement (1989?)

ILF - Issa Liberation Front (cooperated with WSLF, but now part of now IGLF)

KITET? - [Kifle Wodajo]

LEAGUE? - [Shewandegan Belete]

MALEREO? - Marxist-Leninist Youth League (same as MALERID?)

MEAW - Movement of Ethiopians Against War (London) [Mammo Muchi] (1991?)

Metcha Tuluma (Welfare Association) - {Oromo} implicated in "Galla revolt" (banned 1967) [Tadesse Biru] (1962?)

NDF - National Democratic Front (brief coalition between ELF-RC, EPLF, EPRP & TPLF ?and ELF-PLF?) (Jun 77)

OBDIN - Oromo People's Democratic Movement (1970s)

OLF - Ogaden Liberation Front (1963)

OPDO - Oromo People's Democratic Organization (another, sponsored by EPRP) (1970s)

OPDU - Ogaden People's Democratic Union [Hassan Gurhan Ibrahim d.Feb 1992] (1991)

OVE - Organization of Vanguard Elements (predecessor of MLLT) [Meles Zenawi] (1983)

OYU - Ogaden Youth Union (1960s)

PMAC - Provisional Military Administrative Committee (Derg) (led to PMGE and PMGSE) [General Aman Michael Andom, until 23 November 1974; General Teferi Banti until 3 Feb 1977, then Mengistu] (15 Sep 1974)

PMGE - Provisional Military Government of Ethiopia (1975-1978)

PMGSE - Provisional Military Government of Socialist Ethiopia

*SALF - Somali Abbo Liberation Front [Aden Ibrahim, initially Abdullahi Hassan Mohammed] (precursor of OALF, but disputes) (Jan 1976)

SDLF - Somali Dervish Liberation Movement (1895-1922)

Sileshi Mengesha - pro-Derg guerilla group behind TPLF lines - surrendered to EPRDF Aug 1991

TLF - Tigray Liberation Front [? Le'ul Ras Mengesha Seyoum?] (1975)

TNO - Tigrayan National Organization (predecessor of TPLF) (1972)

TPO - Tigray Political Organization (Mahber Politika) (predecessor of TLF) (1972?)

UESE - Union of Ethiopian Students in Europe (1960s)

UFO - United Front of Ogaden [Mohammed Diriye] (1970)

ULWS - United Liberation of Western Somalia (1960)

UOPLF - United Oromo People's Liberation Front (October 1991)

URFAEG - United Resistance Forces Against the Ethiopian Government (OromoLF proposal Dec 1984)

USUAA - University Students' Union of Addis Ababa (1960s)

WPE - Workers' Party of Ethiopia [Mengistu Hailemariam] (1984)

WWUES - World Wide Union of Ethiopian Students


DMLE - Democratic Movement for the Liberation of Eritrea

EDM - Eritrean Democratic Movement

EIJM - Eritrean Islamic Jihad Movement

ELF - Eritrean Liberation Front [Idris Mohammed Adam; Idris Osman Galadewos; Ahmed Nassir after 1975; Dejazmatch Tedla Bairu; Osman Salih Sabbe; (all dead)] (1958)

ELF-PLF - Eritrean Liberation Front - Popular Liberation Front [Osman Saleh Sabbe] (Jan 1972)

ELF-PLF - Eritrean Liberation Front - Popular Liberation Forces (Apr 1977)

ELF-RC - Eritrean Liberation Front - Revolutionary Committee

ELF-UFE - Eritrean Liberation Front - United Front of Eritrea

ELF-UO - Eritrean Liberation Front - United Organization

EPD - Eriteans for Peace and Democracy (US)

EPLA - Eritrean People's Liberation Army

EUNC - Eritrean Unified National Council (Jan 1985)

Jebha - (Arabic) ELF

Jihad Islamiya - EIJM

PFDJ - People's Front for Democracy and Justice [Isayas Afewerki] (Feb 1994)

Sha'bia - (Arabic) EPLF

UDF - United Democratic Front (EPLF and ELF-RC?) (16 March 1978)

ERITREA - defunct

EDWPP - or Labour Party (?"fifth column" in ELF) (1968)

ELF-CC - Eritrean Liberation Front - Central Command (1982?) (merged with EPLF Mar 1987)

ELF-RC - Eritrean Liberation Front - Revolutionary Council or Command? [Osman Salih Sabbe; Heruy Tedla Bairu; Idris Adam] (end 1971)

ELM - Eritrean Liberation Movement [Mohammed Said Nawid; Ibrahim Sultan; Woldeab Woldemariam; Assefaw Bariamikael] (1958)

EPLF - Eritrean People's Liberation Forces (later became EPLFront) [Dejazmatch Tedla Bairu] (Feb 1972)

*(observer)EPLF - Eritrean People's Liberation Front [Isias Afewerki] (became PFDJ) (31 Jan 1977)

FM - Foreign Mission (Eritrean exiled leadership?) (union with ELF-RCouncil Sep 1975, later became ELF-PLF)

FSM - (Ethioipian) Free Soldier's Movement (prisoners of EPLF) (1986)

Harekat - ("movement" in Arabic) = ELM

LPP - The Liberal Progressive Party - Eritrea (1940s)

Mahaber Sowate - ("association of seven" in Tigrigna) = ELM

PLF - Popular Liberation Front or Forces? [Osman Saleh Sabbe] (June 1970)

Obel - splinter of ELF (named afetr river) (1970?)

The Muslim League (of Western Province) (Eritrea) (1946)

The Unionist Party (Eritrea) [Dejazmatch Tedla Bairu] (1946)

An asterisk (*) indicates attendance at the July 1991 Conference for the Peaceful and Democratic Transition in Ethiopia.

A plus (+) indicates membership of CAFPDE (business and professional association members not listed)

Dates in brackets indicate date of formation.

Names in square brackets are prominent members or leaders, past and present.

Curly brackets contain the predominant ethnic group where not apparent.

Numbers indicate seats in the Council of Representatives (please confirm).

The influence or existence of many of these groups is questionable today.

No approval or otherwise is intended by inclusion or omission.

Only political parties, pressure groups or resistance movements are included.

The Amharic or Oromiffa acronym is used when better known.

Any further information gratefully received. Compiled by Ben Parker. Special thanks to Olaf.

Members of Council:

Afar LF (3)

Agew PDM (1)

Benishangul PLM (2)

Burji PDO (1)

E Democratic Coalition (1)

E Democratic Union (1)

E Democratic Action Group (1) pulled out ("disqualified" by Council for non-attendance) July? 1993

E National Democratic Organization (1)

EPRDF (32) of which...

EPDM (10)

EDORM (2) party dissolved 31 April 1994 (whose are the seats?)

TPLF (10)

OPDO (10)

Gambella PLM (2)

Gedeo PDO (1)

Gurage PDF (2) expelled, April? 1993 after Paris conference

Hadiya National DO (2) expelled, April? 1993 after Paris conference

Harar National League (1)

Horyaal (1)

Islamic Front for the Liberation of Oromia (3) split over pullout Sep 1993

Issa and Gurgurra LF (1)

Kaffa PDU (2)

Kambata People's Coalition (2)

Omotic Peoples DM (2) expelled, April? 1993 after Paris conference

Oromo Abbo LF (1)

Oromo LF (pulled out 21 June 1992) (12) June 1992, pulled out

Sidama LM (2) expelled, April? 1993 after Paris conference

United Oromo PLF (1) out? (General Wako fled from Ethiopia?)

University (1) withdrawn March 1992 (1) March 1992, non-appearance

Wellayta PDF (2) pulled out after Areka shootings

Western Somali LF (2)

Workers (3)

Yem N(D)M (1) withdrew support for SEPDC and Paris conference on April 21 1993 - suspension lifted

original Total 87


you do the arithmetic!

In secret session July 17 1992, the Council decided that any organization which fails to attend three successive sessions shall be considered to have resigned from the coalition government.

(Council of Representatives, Council Information, Vol 2 Nos 8-9)

Chairpersons of Regional Councils:

Region 1 Region 5 now vacant - previously Hassan Jire (WSDP?) then Ugaz Abdurahman Abdukenu Region 13 General Haji Gotu

Region 2 Region 6 Ateyb Ahmed Region 14 Teferra Wolwa (ANDM)

Region 3 Southern People's Regional Admin Abate Kisho

Region 4 Hassan Ali Region 12