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1998  Regional and Thematic Monitoring Reports

Field Trip Report:- Eastern Amhara Region & South Tigray Zone: 9 - 18 December 1997. (downloadable as a word file) January 1998. 

West and East Hararghe after the meher harvest :-  The report examines the post-harvest agricultural and economic situation in an area of Ethiopia known to be especially vulnerable to food shortages. (downloadable as a word file) February 1998. 

Welayita - North Omo:-  The report looks at the impact of the unseasonable late rains on agricultural production and likely food aid needs in 1998.(downloadable as a word file) February 1998 

UNICEF – The State of the World’s Children 1998:-  basic consolidated economic and social statistics for the Horn of Africa countries (Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and Uganda), with particular reference to children’s well-being.  (downloadable as an excel file) March 1998 

Eastern Amhara and South Tigray :-  The report describes the impact of the unseasonable rains in October/November and comments on the start to this year’s belg season. (downloadable as a word file) March 1998 

Cessation of Livestock Exports Severely Affects the Pastoralist Economy of Somali Region :- Field Trip Report. (downloadable as a word file) April 1998 

South Wello expects a bad belg season :- Mission report examining the impact of belg season rains on agricultural production in this traditionally food insecure area of central Ethiopia. (downloadable as a word file) May 1998. 

West & East Harerghe zones at the end of the belg season:- Mission report examining the impact of the belg rains in the eastern agricultural belt of Oromiya Region. (downloadable as a word file) June 1998. 

Changing Pastoralism in the Ethiopian Somali National Regional State:- A special study into changing patterns of  pastoralism in the northern "Haud" area of the Somali Region, (past0698.doc) (downloadable as a word file) June 1998 

Humanitarian Needs of War-Displaced People in Northern and Northern -Eastern Ethiopia:- Joint UN Inter-Agency Rapid Assessment Mission to Tigray and Afar 19-24 June 1998. (downloadable as a word file) 

Special Study :– Haraghe Farmers on the cross-roads between subsistence & cash economy. (downloadable as a word file) September 1998 

War Displaced in Tigray and Afar Regions: UN Response Summary:- A summary of UN on-going and planned interventions in support of the DPPC appeal for the war displaced. (downloadable as a word file) September 1998 

Implementation of UN Assistance to the War Displaced and Afar Region.  (downloadable as a word file) September 1998 

Report on a Rapid Assessment Mission to Tigray:- documents the current status and humanitarian needs of people displaced by the conflict with Eritrea based on an inter-agency mission to Tigray.  (downloadable as a word file) October 1998 

Meher Prospects in Tigray and Welo - good harvests anticipated:- Outlines the main season harvest prospects in these traditionally food insecure regions of northern Ethiopia. (downloadable as a word file) January 1998 

Food Shortages Force Oromos of East Hararghe into Migration:- A series of poor harvest combined with a delayed relief response has created a situation where people have migrated in search of assistance.  Based on a recent field trip to the affected area, the report examines the reasons for the migrations. (downloadable as a word file) November 1998 

UN Inter-Agency Fact-Finding Mission to Afar and South Welo on Ethiopian Nationals Returning from Eritrea :-details the efforts being made by the Ethiopian government and some NGOs to assist those Ethiopians returning from Eritrea as a result of the dispute between the two countries. (downloadable as a word file) November 1998 

UNDP Human Development Report - 1998:-  containing basic statistics for the IGAD countries (Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan and Uganda). (downloadable as an excel file) November 1998 

Looming Crisis in Welo:- following several poor harvests, farmers and their families in Welo are facing difficult times. The present harvest, though better than last year, may not be enough to avert serious hardship in the coming year. (downloadable as a word file) December 1998