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2000  Regional and Thematic Monitoring Reports
Relief Assistance Requirements for Internally Displaced People and Deportees.Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Commission's (DPPC's) appeal for internally displaced people.  November 2000. 

Field Assessment Report: North Welo, South Welo and Oromia Zones of Amhara Region :  Report on an assessment mission undertaken from 5 - 15 October 2000. This report assesses the main rains, the impact of a delayed belg and monitor relief food distribution by various governmental agencies and NGOs.    By Dechassa Lemessa, Field Officer, UN Emergencies Unit for Ethiopia. 

Key Points of the Briefing on the Current Status of Landmine Programmes.  30 October 2000

Findings of a recent mission to South Wollo.  According to the mission, the combination of relatively modest levels of malnutrition and normal morbidity and mortality suggests that, by and large, the nutrition situation in South Wollo is currently under control.  The report recommends however to separate the distribution of blended food from the general distribution in order to improve nutritional impact.  By Albertien van der Veen, ORHC/WHO.   September 8, 2000. 

List of July to December 2000 Drought Relief Beneficiaries by Region, Zone and Wereda.. A compilation of disaggregated population data in relation to official government (DPPC) relief beneficiary numbers. August 2000. (downloadable as an excel file). 

UN Issues Updated Appeal for Rehabilitation and Recovery Programmes for IDPs :- The United Nations Country Team (UNCT) in Ethiopia, issued an appeal on 24 August 2000, requesting a total of US$30.4 million for rehabilitation and recovery programmes for the internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the Tigray and Afar regions. Of this US$30.4 million, the UN is appealing for about $15.1 million for food assistance amounting to 29,767 MT of food for some 312,500 people (272,000 IDPs currently being assisted and an estimated 40,500 additional people in need of support) and US$15.3 million for non-food assistance. 24 August 2000. 

Review of the food and nutrition situation in Gode and other parts of the Somali region.According to the assessment, co-ordination mechanisms in place have not been effective in standardising nutrition surveys and selective feeding programmes, or in effectively identifying areas requiring immediate response and ensuring a timely intervention.  Recommendations are used to formulate a strategy to improve humanitarian response in the Somali region.  By Peter Salama, UNICEF/CDC and Albertien van der Veen, OHCR/WHO.   22 August 2000. 

Update on the drought situation in Konso :- Efforts in Konso to mitigate the effects of the drought appear to have been largely successful.  This success can be related to strong co-ordination of the Drought Mitigation Commission and timely response.  By Albertien van der Veen, ORHC/WHO.  22 August 2000. 

Nutrition Surveys : 1999 2000  :-  In view of the rapidly increasing number of nutrition surveys and interventions there is a need to strengthen information collection and sharing. Nutritionists from UNICEF and WHO have collected nutrition surveys carried out in 1999 and 2000 and summarised results into a database.  In order to regularly up-date this database, all agencies are kindly invited to provide a copy of any nutrition surveys they have undertaken to  August 2000. 

Field Assessment Report: Jimma Zone of Oromia Region - Report on a Rapid Assessment Mission, 10 - 14 August 2000.  By Dechassa Lemessa,  UN-EUE Field Officers. August 2000. 

Report on the Food and Nutrition Situation in Wolayita, North Omo, SNNPS Ethiopia : provides an overview of the food and nutrition situation and the humanitarian response  in the area.   By Albertien van der Veen, ORHC/WHO. August 18, 2000. 

North Omo Zone, Derashe and Konso Special Weredas if SNNPR - Report on a Rapid Assessment Mission, 31 May to June 2000.  By Dechassa Lemessa,  UN-EUE Field Officers, 13 July 2000.   (downloadable as a Word  file, 51 Kb) 

The Agricultural Weredas of Borena Zone, Oromiya Region - Report on a Data Collection and Rapid Appraisal Mission, May 2000.  Prepared by Negussie Belay, 12 July 2000.  (downloadable as a Word  file, 49 Kb) 

Indicative List of Urgent Requirements: Ethiopia Drought Emergency:- outlines current priority resource requirements for the drought relief response in Ethiopia.  The report highlights the urgent requirement for additional donor cash contributions in support of interventions in the health, water, agriculture, education and other non-food sectors.  Prepared by UN Emergencies Unit for Ethiopia on behalf of the UN Country Team.  3 May 2000. 

Afar Pastoralists Face Consequences of Poor Rains: Rapid Assessment Mission 19-24 April, 2000.  The mission was undertaken to obtain a first-hand impression of the present humanitarian situation in the region with regard to people displaced by the conflict with Eritrea and victims of natural disasters. The report highlights difficulties faced by pastoralists and their livestock after several years of sporadic rains. The report also focuses on a possible outbreak of Anthrax in western areas of the region. By Yves Guinand, UN-EUE Field Officer. (downloadable as a Word  file, 87 Kb) 

Annex II - various photographs taken during the mission to Afar (downloadable as MS Word file, 182 Kb) 

Map - Sketch map of the Afar region showing areas visited during the mission. (downloadable as GIF, 131kb ) 

Belg Rains Arrive Late: The northern highlands once again face a difficult year:- With the late arrival of the belg (short) rains, farmers in the highlands of Welo, northern Ethiopia, face yet another difficult year.  Report of a field assessment mission to North and South Welo zones of Amhara region.  By Walter Eggenberger and Dechassa Lemessa, UN-EUE Field Officers, 21 April 2000. ( downloadable as a word file, 81 kb) 

Hararghe Agro-pastoralist Face an Uncertain Future:- A field mission report focusing on the status of livelihoods and relief  operations in selected belg dependant areas of East and West Hararghe. By Yves Guinand, UN-EUE Field Officer, 18 April 2000. (Ms word, 376 kb) 

Map: - Hararghe agropastoralist food security mission, March 2000.  (downloadable  as a jpeg file,100Kb)

A Computerized Inventory of Water Resources in the Ethiopian Somali National Regional State: Summary Report of a Pilot Survey in the Weredas of Jijiga, Teferiber and Dembel.  This report outlines a possible approach to surveying and compiling an electronic inventory of water points and other water resources in the Somali region of Ethiopia.  By Anteneh Tesfaye and Mulugeta Zewdie, UN-EUE consultants. 

Region, Zone and Wereda Population and Relief Beneficiary Data for 1999 and 2000 :-A compilation of disaggregated population data in relation to official government (DPPC) relief beneficiary numbers. March 2000. (downloadable as a zip file, 112Kb) 

Map: - Population Targeted for Food Aid Assistance 2000 (by zone).  March 2000.  (downloadable  as a jpeg file, 85K) 

The State of the World's Children 2000 : - Horn of Africa Digest: A summary of the basic economic and social statistics for the Horn of Africa countries (Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, Somalia and Uganda) with particular reference to the well-being of children. Compiled from the original UNICEF publication. March 2000.  (downloadable as an excel  file, 56kb) 

Borena Zone of Oromiya: Relief Assistance Alleviates Crisis But More  Help Needed.  A report on a recent field mission to the central lowlands of Borena reviewing the status of current efforts to assist pastoralists and  highlighting the challenges should the coming rains be insufficient. By Walter Eggenberger, UN-EUE Field Officer, 1 March, 2000. (downloadable as a Word  file) 
Map: - Borena Zone, Oromiya regional state. February 2000 . (downloadable  jpeg file, 353K)

Wild-Food Plants in Southern Ethiopia: Reflections on the role of  'famine-foods' at a time of drought. A preliminary study on the role and use of wild-food plants and  famine-food in the diet of  rural communities in Ethiopia, based on  recent field work and research in Konso Special Wereda, Kindo Koyisha, Humbo, Damot Weyde and Kamba weredas of North Omo Zone and Bako-Gazar  and Hamer Bena weredas of South Omo Zone in SNNP Region. Yves Guinand  and Dechassa Lemessa, UN-EUE Field Officers, 10 March, 2000. (downloadable as a Word  file) 
Map: - Sample sites and approximate areas of 'wild food' plants availability in parts of Southern Ethiopia.  January 2000 . (downloadable  jpeg file, 388K)

Relief Action Plan and Appeal 2000 - Ethiopia:- final version of the UN Country Team Appeal for 2000 released to donor representatives in Ethiopia on Friday January 28, 2000.  (downloadable as a zip file consisting three parts; appeal cover page, introduction and summary, and master document.) 

Drought Contingency Planning to Support Pastoral Livelihoods in Ethiopia:-   Special study prepared on behalf of UNDP-EUE by Dr. Richard Hogg.   First issued in December 1997.                    (downloadable as a Word  file)