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Databases obtainable from UNDP-EUE

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A list of 1:250,000 scale topographic maps of Ethiopia, produced by the Ethiopian Mapping Authority. Includes map reference number, name and year of production. Full country coverage. FN=MAP_TOPO , FS=17K 

A list of 1:50,000 scale topographic maps of Ethiopia, produced by the Ethiopian Mapping Authority. Includes latitude\longtitude of sheet, a grid reference, sheet name and year of production. About 40% of country covered, major areas missing include Somali and Tigray regions. FN=MAP50000 , FS=23K 

A list of large scale maps of various towns and special areas of Ethiopia, produced by the Ethiopian Mapping Authority. Includes map name, scale and year of production. FN=MAPLARGE , FS=19K 

A list of specialised national maps of Ethiopia, produced by the Ethiopian Mapping Authority in conjunction with various institutions. Includes partner, map name, scale, number of sheets and year of production. FN=MAPOTHER , FS=17K 

This is a list of populated places (towns\villages) filtered out from the DMA World Gazeteer for Ethiopia, 1982. It contains the names and coordinates of 14,316 locations, the most comprehensive list available. Many duplicate spellings and coordinates will be found, these have been purposely left in to allow for searching as place names often have many different English spellings. The geographic accuracy of the coordinates is not always good. The coordinates listed in the ET_TOWNS table are generally more accurate and the places listed in ET_TOWNS are more likely to be major ones. For this reason we recommend that this table be used only if a place cannot be located in the ET_TOWNS table. FN=ETGAZPPL, FS=153K 

A list of 1996 Food Economy Areas (FEAs) of Ethiopia. used by Save the Children Fund UK (SCK-UK) in their RiskMap program. The 26 FEAs split the country into 26 regions with similar climatic and agricultural factors that may be used to predict relative vulnerability in regards to food security. The name, identifier and area of each FEA is given. FN=FEA. FS= 17K 

This is a list of around geo-referenced locations of concentrated settlements (major villages, towns, cities), originally based on a preliminary gazeteer prepared by the Ethiopia Mapping Authority (EMA) in December 1990. It uses a standardised Amharic - English transliteration system for place names; where duplicate names exist the containing administrative area is include to give a unique spelling. As the table pre-dates 1993, towns in Eritrea are also included. The UNDP-EUE has added other places of significance found to be missing from the inital list. GIS techniques have been used to include infrastructure data regarding the major locations listed above. These include a unique ID code used in many other tables in the site, Y/N fields to indicate the place to be an local administrative capital, the containing old region\awaraja\wereda, presence of a hospital, health centre, fuel station, major warehouse, price monitored market, telephone exchange or airstrip. A 1994 CSA urban population estimate is also included for about one third of the locations, some of these are likely to be erroneous due to name matching difficulties. The containing new region \zone \ wereda was not calculated due to large inaccuracies in the present digital boundary maps. FN=ET_TOWNS , FS=68K