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Databases obtainable from UNDP-EUE

To Download a file Click on the Button at the Begining of the Description.Download and run the EXE file you will have two files 1) the Field Description File 2) The Actual file as TXT delimited which can be exported to any Database. 
FN=File Size FS=File Size 

Geo-referenced list of commercial fuel stations in Ethiopia, compiled by UNDP-EUE in Feb\March 1996. Includes details of company, station name, town, administration area and storage capacity for diesel, petrol and kerosene. FN=FUEL, FS=25K 

A list compiled in the late 1980's by the WFP Transport Operation in Ethiopia (WTOE) of distance and estimated truck driving times between major towns in Ethiopia and Eritrea. The distance and times do not take into account any new roads that have been built or existing roads upgraded, this is unlikely to have a major effect on the accuracy of the data. Recent updates of current WFP haulage routes are also included, these records additionally give 1996 haulage prices per MT per km in Ethiopian Birr. 

A list of major warehouse locations and capacities compiled by WFP in 1996. It includes warehouse capacity in metric tonnes for the Ethiopia Grain Trade Enterprise (EGTE) and Ethiopia Food Security Reserve Administration (EFSRA) major storage facilities. The nearest town name, coordinates and town code from the ET_TOWNS table are also given. FN= WARE_MAJ FS=17K 

An historic list of warehouses used during the 1980's, originally created by the Food Security Reserve study team from the ODA in 1987. The list was last updated by the EPPG (now the UNDP-EUE) in 1988. Obviously much of this data is now out of date, many of the temporary storage site will have been dismantled. However no more recent data table exists; it is presently being updated by the DPPC (formerly RRC). The table includes storage sites for Ethiopia and Eritrea. It lists old administration areas, locations, users, owners, donors, warehouse dimensions, capacities, construction types, state of repair, ease of access, distance and drive time to ports/ regional distribution centres. FN= WAREHOUS FS=39K 

A current (!996) list of haulage companies used by WFP for food movement in Ethiopia. Included are company names, contact persons & addresses, numbers and carrying capacities of the hauliers' trucks. FN=WFP_HAUL FS19K

A list of airstrips in Ethiopia and Eritrea compiled over the last 10 years from data from the UNDP-EUE, CAA and Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). It includes name of nearest town, coordinates, runway classification, dimensions, elevation, surface type, orientation, slope, remarks and suitablilty for Hercules transport planes. The data in the AIRFIELD table is more upto date, however this list contains additional airstrips and some additional fields so is included for completeness. 

A list of airstrips in Ethiopia and major airports in the surrounding Horn of Africa countries, compiled by Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) pilots during 1996. It includes geographic coordinates, runway dimensions, elevation, surface type, facilities, classification, hazards and an identifier if available to records in the AIRPORTS table. FN= AIRPORTS, FS=27K 

A list of telephone exchanges and stations in Ethiopia, using data from the Ethiopia Telecommunications Authority's (ETA) quarterly statistical bulletin for 1996 (April - June). It includes a list of semi-automatic telephone stations and analogue/ digital telephone exchanges operational, along with the number of telephone lines, waiting subscribers, parent exchanges (for stations) and town codes from the ET_TOWNS table. International calls may only be made directly via digital exchanges, ETA will be providing an internet service of some description early in 1997. FN=TEL_PHON ,FS=21K 

A summary table of food aid deliveries and local purchases compiled by the World Food Programme (WFP). From 1992 to December 1996 it gives the total monthly deliveries and local purchases of food aid by commodity. The food aid delivery information is compiled from information received by WFP at the 3 major ports supplying Ethiopia: Assab, Massawa and Djibouti. FN=FOOD_MTH, FS=20K 

A summary table of trucks capable of assisting in emergency relief operations, compiled from the Road Transport Authority (RTA) vehicle registration database, November 1996 snapshot. The list gives the name and address of organisations that have registered trucks with a capacity over 35 quintals (3.5 MT). It does not include truck cabs/ trailers as these are not thought to be suitable for leaving the major asphalt roads. Also missed out are vehicles that have not been inspected by the RTA for road worthiness in the last 3 years, they are assumed to be non-operational. The RTA estimate this list to be 75 - 80% accurate, principally because certain regions (Tigray, Southern and the smaller remote regions) do not send details of vehicles registered in their respective region to the national RTA office. The tables gives the total number of trucks for each organisation, with a breakdown by age, load capacity and number of axles. FN=TRCK_RTA , FS=32K