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How to use this Program

This program contains twelve units covering a range of topics including “Greetings”, “Introductions”, “Knowing numbers”, “Buying and Selling”,
“Family” and “Time”. The lessons are intended to give the student an illustration of Shona culture and language with a set of conversations between native speakers of Shona. The synchronized presentation of the three significant multimedia components of audio, video and text illustrate each of these speech contexts in a very comprehensive manner possible.

Every lesson is accompanied by a set of self-correcting exercises. These exercises can be used to test one’s competence in each lesson, after going over it in a careful manner.


Getting Started:
In order to familiarize with Shona instructions right away, we have given all instructions in Shona, but if you hover over key words, an English gloss will appear. You can also click on Rubatsiro/Help for more information a topic. The
units in this program are divided into two sections formulating two semesters.

The title of each unit is a topic. You may go through the units as numbered, or you may select topics that interest you.Each Danhiko unit has one or more video-dialogues with the accompanying text accessible by clicking ChiShona Shona or Chirungu English links.

We recommend that you listen to the dialogue several times before reading the text. For the meaning of words in the video text, click Manzwi Matsva Glossary Each video-dialogue has accompanying Zviitwa Activities.

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