About the African Nudibranch

ABOUT THE NUDIBRANCH IMAGES ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ From: gat@wam.umd.edu (the nudibranch) Date: 29 Jul 93 04:20:21 GMT Organization: University of Maryland, College Park

ANEMO1. This is a picture of an anemone taken at a depth of 20 m (60 feet) at a place 5 km north of Sharem -el Shiech , Egypt at the tip of the gulf of Aquaba.

CHROMODORIS SP. South African Nudibranch This is from T. Gosliner's book "Nudibranchs of Southern Africa". According to the description this species is widely distributed throughout the indo pacific. This particular specimen was found at Sodwana Bay National Park (a great place). will post a map along with future postings.

CORAL. A soft coral , close up, very common in the gulf of Aquaba.

CRAB. A colorful crab found at 2 m. (6 ft) depth at Ras Nasrani Egypt.

DAHAB. Taken at 8-10 m (30 ft) depth, at Nakeb Shahin, 10 km north of Dahab, Sinai, Egypt.

DIVER. A diver behind a school of fish. taken at Dahab, Egypt close to the widest point of the gulf of Aquaba. depth, 10 m (30 feet).

FISH. A fish near a fan coral. Sahrem el Sheik, Egypt. Depth 15 m (45 ft).


GLOSSODORIS SP. (not sure about the identification). I enclose a map of the location of the dive where it was found. actual size about 8 cm.

NEMBROTHA. This was photographed underwater at Dahab on the Egyptian side of the Gulf of Aquaba.

NUDIBRANCH SP. This is a cosmopolitan species found in the northeastern atlantic , mediterenean and even as far south as south africa. actual size is about 5 mm.

SHARK. Black tipped shark, taken at 10 m (~30 ft) depth, Ras Muhamad.

SOUTH AFRICAN. Another nudibranch, this time from South Africa (although this species is quite wide spread). I have lots more. Send mail if interested. email gat@rac2.wam.umd.edu

SPONGE. Red sponge, closeup. don't remember where i took it but its quite common in the gulf.